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Fact-checking President Biden’s CNN town hall

In a prime-time town hall aired on CNN, President Joe Biden overstated some facts about the coronavirus vaccines, and misled on other jobs, car prices and government trust facts.... Read more»

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Coronavirus: 'Our goal should be to crush the curve'

A doctor-scholar who studied the 1976 mishandling of swine flu says the president is wrongly choosing between saving lives and saving the economy.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Canceling Arizona presidential primary ignores, not solves, Republican Party's problems

Republicans didn't subvert democracy in canceling their presidential primary in Arizona. The GOP is curing its cancer by canceling its oncologist appointment. If no one tells them they're sick, they must be healthy, right?... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

McSally caught between Trump's wall and our purple state

Bolt from Trump's wall and shutdown and lose the base. Stick with the president and lose the state. The truth is that Sen. Martha McSally remains the Arizonan most endangered by Trump’s xenophobic obsession with illegal immigration and his wall.... Read more»


A get-well card for Sen. John McCain

Tom Walker: I’ve never been friends with Sen. John McCain. Never liked him, never voted for him — not in any of his two congressional races or six U.S. Senate races, which apparently made little difference, since he won all of them handily. But today, I’ve joined in wishing McCain well in his battle against brain cancer.... Read more»

Factchecking Rubio, Cruz on Reagan and Iran hostages

Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have implied that Iran released U.S. hostages in 1981 on the day Ronald Reagan was inaugurated because Reagan ushered in a new foreign policy toward Iran. But several experts on the crisis told us the hostages were released that day as a final insult to President Jimmy Carter, whom the hostage-takers despised.... Read more»

Remembering Raul Castro, Arizona’s first and only Hispanic governor

Castro, who died Friday at age 98, had a rough childhood in the border community of Douglas that included walking miles to school while white kids took the bus and wondering where his next meal would come from. He wandered as a hobo for a time and boxed on the side to make ends meet.... Read more»

Obama, Clinton, Carter all criticize voter-ID laws at MLK event

The current and former presidents did not mention Arizona by name, but state Democrats and voting-rights advocates said they clearly had the state in mind then they talked about voter suppression as a challenge facing minorities, 50 years after the March on Washington.... Read more»

Arizonans join thousands for 50th anniversary of March on Washington

Anthem resident Pamela Gardner was just 4 years old when Martin Luther King Jr. gave his historic “I Have a Dream” Speech, but it still had an effect on her. “As a child I always cried when I read or heard that speech,” said Gardner, who joined thousands Wednesday on the National Mall to mark the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.... Read more»

Presidential election 2012: 5 more nail-biters

This presidential election is definitely down to the wire, but it isn't the first time America has seen a close call. ... Read more»

Comic: Politics

The Carter School

"Even Jimmy Carter would have given that order."... Read more»

Ga. executes Troy Davis

The state of Georgia executed Troy Davis late Wednesday night for the murder of an off-duty police officer in 1989, MSNBC reports. The execution came despite 11th-hour legal appeals and an international campaign to save an inmate many believed to be innocent. ... Read more»2

News analysis

Jimmy Carter snubbed by Kim Jong Il

Despite previous success, former U.S. president Jimmy Carter didn't seem to garner good will toward the release of a detained American, reportedly held for months over his missionary work.... Read more»


Willie Nelson: The red-headed exception

The authorities in Hudspeth County have realized what the rest of us have known for years: Before you start investigating the funny smell emanating from his tour bus, remember that he's Willie Nelson. The usual rules don't apply.... Read more»

Think again

'Craven News Network' - CNN airs Bachmann SOTU response

It’s no simple matter to sum up all that’s wrong with the “thinking” that characterizes contemporary news coverage. But if I had to pick a potent symbol of just how rudderless it is, I’d have to go with CNN’s decision to carry Rep. Michele Bachmann’s response to the State of the Union.... Read more»1

Analysis: North Korea's well-rehearsed performance

A day after North Korea unleashed a deadly artillery barrage against South Korea, the region is again playing the parlor game of crafting a response to the regime’s idiosyncratic brand of brinksmanship. ... Read more»

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