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House passes voting rights bill, but Senate approval unlikely

The U.S. House on Tuesday passed, along party lines a bill to reinstate a core section of the Voting Rights Act - but while the bill has the support of Senate Democrats and President Biden, it is unlikely to become law because at least 10 Senate Republicans would have to vote for it.... Read more»


If you don’t want critical race theory to exist, stop being racist

Conservative legislators across the country are passing laws to ban books and courses that espouse critical race theory, yet what lawmakers and pundits are really saying when they urge a prohibition is that they don’t want Black people to question second-class status.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

GOP challenge to Tucson elections goes South, again

It didn't take Nostradamus to foresee an 11-judge federal court panel upholding Tucson's hybrid election system and cashiering Tucson Republicans' hopes for a court fix to their political woes. When it comes to equal protection, all Tucson voters are equally privileged or equally screwed, the judges ruled.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Should GOP crow about 9th Circuit tossing Tucson elections?

Tuesday's ruling tossing out Tucson's elections is neither that shocking, nor a game changer. In fact, I'm trying to figure out what Republicans are crowing about because they haven't proven adept at the sort of all-out campaign required to win over skeptical voters. They were great at it, once.... Read more»2

What the Devil won't tell you

Message to GOP: Play the game before you claim you are victims of it

I can already hear it: City-wide elections are bad for democracy. Conservative East Side voters are the victims of Jim Crow laws. Republicans in Tucson are disenfranchised. Tucson only votes party line. Voters only look at the party and the GOP has no hope. I say to those voices: Bite me. ... Read more»9

Everything you've ever wanted to know about voter ID laws

Voter IDs laws have become a political flashpoint: Supporters say the laws — which 30 states have now enacted — are needed to combat voter fraud, while critics see them as a tactic to disenfranchise voters. ... Read more»1

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Birthright madness: Anti-immigrant sentiment at fever pitch

Well it's happening again in Arizona. State Senator Russell Pearce and his side-kick, Rep. John Kavanaugh are getting ready to unveil their newest assault on undocumented immigrants, this time with a bill designed to eliminate birthright citizenship.... Read more»2