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Flu is higher this season in Arizona, but COVID-19 is still complicating matters

Influenza has seen significant drops in cases since the pandemic began, a trend that has led to many theories among scientists and researchers, but cases this season have seen a small spike and in some areas of the country the two viruses are even sometimes co-infecting people.... Read more»

N.M. hospitals overwhelmed by COVID cases can use 'crisis standards' to determine who gets care

Hospitals in New Mexico are being authorized to use "crisis standards of care" to determine who gets treatment, as unvaccinated COVID patients are placing an "enormous, ongoing, and unsustainable strain" on that state's health care system.... Read more»

As Arizona's COVID-19 testing numbers rise, Embry Health hopes to expand services

Embry Health launched an initiative in Arizona this month to hire 800 workers across its COVID-19 testing sites as schools reopened and the number of children of all ages being tested increased - while Arizona on Friday passed more than 1 million cases of COVID-19.... Read more»

Drop in vaccinations puts Arizona at risk of outbreak, AZDHS warns

The Arizona Department of Health Services issued a report warning that increased exemptions from vaccines are putting the state at risk this year for an outbreak of measles, mumps and other preventable diseases.... Read more»