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How British promises sowed the seeds of today's Israel-Palestine bloodshed

Gaza and Jerusalem were promised to both the Arabs and the Jews. They're still fighting nearly a century later.... Read more»

Why Latin American diplomats are pulling out of Israel

More and more of the region's governments are yanking their ambassadors out of Israel in protest.... Read more»1

The Road to Emmaus

How Christian exodus from Middle East undermines Arab Awakening

Why anyone who cares about tolerance and peace in today’s Middle East should care about the diminishing Christian presence in the land where the faith began.... Read more»

The Road to Emmaus: Dwindling Christian communities in Middle East

On the ancient cobblestones of Jerusalem’s Old City today Christians retraced what tradition holds as the path of Jesus in his final hours of life.... Read more»

Iron Dome: Israel’s game-changer

Israel's touted Iron Dome anti-missile system has taken on the aura of a semi-superhuman piece of machinery — as if it were something out of Skyfall — during the rain of missiles that have come during its conflict with Gaza.... Read more»

U.S. and Israel hold largest joint military exercise ever

If there was any doubt about the degree of cooperation between the top military brass of Israel and the United States, the coming month should put those doubts to rest.... Read more»

Beck, Cain share stage in Israel

If anyone was wondering what happened to Hermann Cain after his disappointing showing at the Ames straw poll, one had only to look toward the Holy City, where he was enjoying center stage with Glenn Beck at the final of three events set in Israel. (with video)... Read more»

Beck rally could spark violence in Jerusalem

Glenn Beck could become mired in more controversy. Beck's Restoring Courage rally at the Southern Wall excavations site next Wednesday could spark a conflagration of violence in Jerusalem, Arab Knesset members and activists warned.... Read more»1

Protests grip Israel

Massive protests centered on rental prices and scarce public housing continue to roil Israel as the movement rolled into its fourth week. This weekend saw the largest demonstrations yet. (with video)... Read more»

Opinion: Media bias and Israel-Palestine

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's refusal to stop building Jewish homes in Arab east Jerusalem and the West Bank has become a major obstacle to peace talks with the Palestinians and severely strains relations with President Barack Obama's administration. That's a simple statement of fact.... Read more»


The war Israelis and Palestinians are really planning

The nonsensical sequence of recent events in the Middle East has started to fall into a comprehensible pattern. It's not a pleasant pattern, because it leads to war.... Read more»


Lines in the sand matter in the Middle East

How Israel has again crossed a line and why Obama must not let that happen.... Read more»


Israel’s insult adds injury to its own security

It would be hard to imagine a greater insult to the Obama administration than announcing a large new housing development for Jews in Jerusalem just as Biden was flying in to help start up stalled peace talks.... Read more»