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Voting advocates fear new Arizona law could disenfranchise some naturalized citizens

One of the most significant election bills this legislative session signed into law by Arizona Gov. Ducey is provoking an outcry from voting advocates who say it could disenfranchise naturalized citizens and other voters by canceling their registrations.... Read more»

Lawmakers add pilots for 'smart' drop boxes, special ballots to Arizona budget

Two small election-related measures made it into a budget proposal Arizona lawmakers approved early Thursday morning on a bipartisan vote - with that hurdle cleared, the Legislature could approve more election bills in the coming days.... Read more»

Arizona bill to ban drive-up voting, curbside drop boxes could harm voters with disabilities

Arizona Republicans who still reject the outcome of the 2020 presidential race introduced a spate of election reform bills this legislative session that would restrict voting access – including some that opponents argue could disenfranchise voters with disabilities. ... Read more»

Counties: retroactivity clause won’t put party activists back on Arizona ballot

The retroactivity clause that House and Senate GOP lawmakers are pinning their hopes on to restore elections for party activists this year won’t actually put those races back on the ballot, according to the Arizona Association of Counties. ... Read more»

Arizona Republicans look to curb lobbying activities by cities, counties, school districts

On a party-line 4-3 vote, with all three Democratic members opposing the proposal, the Arizona Senate Government Committee approved Senate Bill 1198, which prohibits cities, towns, counties, school districts and other political subdivisions of the state from hiring outside lobbyists. ... Read more»

Arizona GOP proposals aim to revamp hand-count audits done after every election

A proposal approved by an Arizona Senate committee would overhaul the way counties conduct post-election hand count audits of ballots - county recorders would select county employees of the appropriate party if one or more political party didn’t take part in the partial hand count. ... Read more»

Nearly 90% of Arizona voters use early ballots. Republicans would eliminate that to combat imagined fraud.

Driven by false claims that the 2020 election was plagued by fraud that changed the outcome in statewide races — but not their own victories — Republican legislators gave initial approval to a host of proposals that critics say will make it harder for Arizonans to vote.... Read more»

Arizona election workers could be charged with crimes for making mistakes under GOP bills

The Arizona Senate Government Committee gave its approval to proposed legislation that would punish election workers who misplace ballots and penalize contractors who don’t meet the terms of their contracts. ... Read more»

Arizona primary elections might be held earlier in August

A bill that would move up the date of the Arizona primary election passed through the House Elections Committee on a party-line vote last week.... Read more»