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Arizona Democrats look for help, as scores of election bills land in Legislature

Arizona Democratic Party Chair Raquel Terán concedes that Democrats don’t have the numbers on their own to rebuff Republican election reform bills so she turned Thursday to an unlikely source for help: Republicans.... Read more»

New Arizona law prohibits vehicles blocking sidewalks, punishable by a $250 fine

A new Arizona law making it a crime if your vehicle is blocking a sidewalk was one of 12 new laws that went into effect Wednesday - others deal with penalties for “doxxing”, classifying gun stores as essential businesses and adding new provisions for aggressive or reckless driving.... Read more»

Az lawmaker brings personal story, gun-reform plea to Washington

State Rep. Jennifer Longdon, D-Phoenix, didn’t need to tell congressional lawmakers Thursday about the harm firearms can do: She showed them, when she rolled her wheelchair into a House hearing on the costs of gun violence.... Read more»

March for Our Lives Arizona steps into gun violence fray in communities of color

As March for Our Lives Arizona, a part of the national youth movement created by survivors of the Parkland school shooting, moves to address gun violence in the Phoenix Latino community. During the event, Arizona state representative Jay Lawrence argued that "black and brown communities" have "firearms galore."... Read more»