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Claytoonz: Bezos buys a bridge

Bridges are literally crumbling and falling apart in the United States from decades of neglect. One of President Joe Biden’s accomplishments was the infrastructure package he signed into law last November. On the same day the president was visiting Pittsburgh, a bridge in that city collapsed. Over 45,000 bridges in this nation have been graded in “poor condition.”... Read more»

These real estate and oil tycoons avoided paying taxes for years

While some of the country’s absolute wealthiest people, including Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Michael Bloomberg, occasionally sidestep federal income tax entirely, a subset of the ultrarich does it year in and year out.... Read more»

Recent White House study on taxes shows the wealthy pay a lower rate than everybody else

When ProPublica compared the richest Americans’ wealth gains to the taxes they paid, we found a system that benefits billionaires. White House economists recently used a similar method to calculate tax rates, revealing stark inequality. ... Read more»

Astronaut cosplay: The earthly impacts of space tourism on the border

The recent trend by billionaires - like Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson - blasting into space have meaningful economic, environmental and cultural impacts on the borderland communities where the spaceports hoping to cater to commercial space travel are located.... Read more»


Why Gil Scott-Heron’s ‘Whitey on the Moon’ still feels relevant today

Not long after the 1969 Moon landing, poet Gil Scott-Heron released a scathing song called “Whitey on the Moon.” While others lauded the landing as a “giant leap for mankind,” he lamented it, saying the trip consumed resources that could have been better put to use helping people on Earth.... Read more»

ProPublica’s tax revelations lead to calls for reforms — and investigation

ProPublica’s investigation released Tuesday revealing that the top 25 wealthiest Americans have paid little, and sometimes nothing, in federal income taxes has resulted in demands to rewrite the tax code and to investigate how the confidential data was released.... Read more»


Farewell, my Washington Post

People everywhere who are interested in the news about the news were startled and saddened to learn that The Washington Post had been sold — but none more than those who had once worked for that storied paper, which even The New York Times called a “crown jewel” in the newspaper trade. ... Read more»

Think again

How to ‘ignore’ and obsess about a story simultaneously

With the sale of The Washington Post to Jeff Bezos—which followed 80 years of stewardship by four generations of the Graham family—it is a good moment to examine why newspapers in particular, and the mainstream media in general, matter so much to so many people.... Read more»

John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: The changing face of journalism

Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal, TucsonSentinel.com's Dylan Smith, KVOI talk show hosts Emil Franzi and Joe Dreyfuss, Arizona Capitol Times Editor Jim Small.... Read more»

Comic: Politics

Scorpions in my mailbox

Donate to Jan PAC! Get a "free" book!... Read more»