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Arizona's Korematsu Day remembers WWII Japanese internment camps

Nearly eight decades after the United States forced Japanese Americans into prison camps during World War II, Arizona designated Jan. 30 as Fred T. Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties and the Constitution to recognize the efforts of a man who turned his pain into a lifetime of activism for equity and inclusion.... Read more»

Japanese Americans imprisoned at Arizona camps during WWII found solace in baseball

For the more than 13,000 people, mostly Japanese Americans, once housed in Arizona internment camps during World War II that were 'less like camps and more like prisons', the bases, bleachers and foul lines made of flour that were baseball represented a form of escapism for those inside the wire.... Read more»

Border & immigration

La Raza, other Hispanic groups boycott over Arizona's SB 1070

Several Hispanic groups have organized a boycott of Arizona because of the state's new immigration law.... Read more»2