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Minor League Baseball celebrates game’s Black pioneers, builds diversity through 'The Nine'

In an effort to celebrate and uplift African-American voices well beyond one month, Minor League Baseball launched “The Nine,” a community outreach platform to honor the game’s Black pioneers and provide opportunities to young Black baseball and softball players.... Read more»

When a Black boxing champion beat the ‘Great White Hope,’ all hell broke loose

When Black heavyweight champion Jack Johnson decisively beat James Jeffries - nicknamed “the Great White Hope” - Johnson’s triumph ignited bloody confrontations and violence between Blacks and whites throughout the country, leaving perhaps two dozen dead, almost all of them Black, and hundreds injured and arrested. ... Read more»

Game with Phoenix College brought Jackie Robinson face-to-face with racism at a young age

Robinson came to Phoenix as an 18-year-old on the Pasadena Junior College football team in 1937, when he and other African-American athletes were met with discrimination at the team’s hotel, as well as later in his career when he went “barnstorming” across the country after he was an established baseball star.... Read more»

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Opinion: Major League Baseball should unite behind Hispanics

Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen has become the first prominent figure in Major League Baseball to declare that if asked to partake in the 2011 All-Star Game next season, he will decline the prestigious invite.... Read more»1