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Arizona protected Airbnb with 2016 law, but cities & activists hope to regain regulating power

With Arizona law tilted firmly in favor of Airbnb and other short-term rental platforms, cities and towns looking to stop the negative effects of homes in quiet neighborhoods being rented out as “party houses” are increasingly finding their hands tied. ... Read more»

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Az GOP activists fuming about canceled precinct elections, but issue began in 2019

A perfect storm of pandemic-induced delays in the census, unintended consequences from multiple years’ worth of legislation and an unconventional legal interpretation by the secretary of state created a problem that triggered a change to the law that has enraged the GOP’s activist base. ... Read more»

El Senado de Arizona revoca gastos y recorta $1.2 mil millones de las escuelas públicas

Los senadores de Arizona autorizaron el lunes la anulación de un tope de gasto en educación que habría impedido el desembolso de $1.2 mil millones que ya están en las arcas escolares. ... Read more»

Az schools dodge massive cuts as Leg raises spending cap for this year

The state Senate voted Monday to raise the aggregate expenditure limit for K-12 schools, heading off a funding crisis and allowing Arizona schools to use nearly nearly $1.2 billion that would have otherwise gone to waste.... Read more»

Bid to create Arizona lieutenant governor post clears Senate committee

For the eighth time in the dozen years since Arizonans last had an opportunity to consider such a proposal, lawmakers are trying to create a lieutenant governor position that would be first in the line of succession if the state’s chief executive vacates the office. ... Read more»

Az House passes measure to avoid school funding cuts, but Senate appears 1 GOP vote short

The push to temporarily raise Arizona’s spending limit for K-12 schools and avoid nearly $1.2 billion in cuts that could close classrooms passed easily in the state House of Representatives but stalled out in the Senate.... Read more»

'It’s not really practical': Arizona Republican wants to go from 30 House districts to 90

When the next Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission convenes in 2031, it might be drawing 90 single-member House districts instead of 30 districts with two representatives apiece, at least if Sen. J.D. Mesnard has any say over it.... Read more»

Lies about the 2020 election propel Arizona bills aimed at combating non-existent fraud

Cheered on by an enthusiastic crowd that espoused conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential vote, the Senate Government Committee advanced a slew of bills aimed at curbing or alleviating concerns about election fraud in Arizona, despite little evidence of such incidents. ... Read more»

Arizona candidates won’t be able to collect online signatures in their new districts at all in 2022

Legislative and congressional candidates won’t be able to use Arizona’s online system to collect the signatures they need to get their names on the ballot if they file to run using their new district numbers at all this year. ... Read more»

Ducey says education, water, border security will be top priorities for legislative session

Education, water and border security will be among the top agenda items Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey plans to highlight in his State of the State address on Monday, which will kick off his eighth and final legislative session. ... Read more»

Arizona Secretary of State’s online signature-gathering system breaks after redistricting

Arizona voters who want to sign online petitions and the candidates who need those signatures to get their names on the ballot this November are being thwarted by a glitch in the secretary of state’s system caused by the decennial redistricting process. ... Read more»

How Apple and Google killed an Arizona bill aimed at their app store profits

Apple and Google hired a bevy of lobbyists in Arizona in early 2021 to kill legislation that would have slashed the profits the companies make through their app stores. ... Read more»

Public education groups ready referendum, lawsuits on tax cuts and other Arizona budget items

A coalition of public education advocacy groups looking at ways to stop Republican legislators and Gov. Ducey from undermining a tax increase in the state budget that includes massive tax cuts for the wealthy.... Read more»

Arizona Senate approves $12.8 B budget, massive tax cut

The Senate approved all budget bills, nearly all on 16-14 party-line votes throughout Tuesday and into the early morning hours of Wednesday.... Read more»

Unable to win GOP support for a budget, Arizona lawmakers pause work for 2 weeks

The Senate on Thursday abandoned plans to vote on a budget and instead adjourned until June 10 amid a stalemate over a proposed budget deal and the massive income tax cut it includes, a day after the House did the same, though both chambers could return earlier if lawmakers reach a deal.... Read more»1

Contempt resolution fails after Boyer breaks with Senate GOP colleagues

Unanimous Republican support for a resolution to hold the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in contempt amid a dispute over a proposed audit of the 2020 general election fractured after a lone GOP senator unexpectedly broke ranks with his colleagues. With only 16 votes in the 30-member chamber, Senate Republicans could only pass the resolution if they supported it unanimously.... Read more»

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