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Former Rep. Jim Kolbe says he left Republican Party 18 months ago

Jim Kolbe, a Republican who represented Southern Arizona in Congress for 22 years, confirmed Friday that he left the GOP — in 2018.... Read more»1

Kelly beats Paton in CD8, Glassman wins Dem Senate primary

Updated Aug. 31, 7:15 p.m. Horne wins GOP AG race, has 892 vote lead. Kelly beats Paton, Glassman wins Dem Senate race. Sen. McCain and Gov. Brewer beat back primary challenges. Rookie McClung wins CD 7 primary.... Read more»3

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Raising (money in) Arizona

Rodney Glassman raised $1 million and landed the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate. John McCain found $20 million under his couch cushions to see off J.D. Hayworth.... Read more»

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Meet the Independents

It's Election Day! Get thee to a polling station!... Read more»

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Periodic Table of Democratic Candidates

As the clock winds down toward the U.S. Senate primary elections, a Republican knock-down, drag-out brawl is being balanced by a Democratic light flyweight slapfest.... Read more»1

McCain tops Glassman in Rasmussen poll

Incumbent Sen. John McCain leads former Tucson city councilman Rodney Glassman in a new survey by conservative pollster Rasmussen Reports.... Read more»9

Smart v. Stupid

The 'danged fence' is a big fib

Anyone who tells you the solution to illegal migration is more border enforcement is either a darn fool or a damned liar. In this election season, politicians are seemingly apoplectic about illegal immigration. People from south of us don’t come here for our way of life or to plop out progeny. They come here for the cash.... Read more»

Factcheck: Hayworth's misleading attack on McCain immigration bill

Hayworth attacks the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007 for potentially costing U.S. taxpayers $2.6 trillion and "rewarding illegal aliens with Social Security and Medicare benefits." The first claim is misleading, and the second is wrong.... Read more»

McCain widens lead over Hayworth

Sen. John McCain has a 20-point lead over former Rep. J.D. Hayworth in the Republican primary race, says the latest poll by Rasmussen Reports.... Read more»


'Danged fence' on border being built with rhetoric

Analysis: Public-policy debates can generate their own, almost irresistible momentum. In the heat of rhetorical battle, we can be so busy scrambling after new data and devising cleverer arguments that we leave older yet unresolved matters behind. Case in point: What McCain recently termed "the danged fence."... Read more»

McCain/Hayworth/Deakin Senate race debates set

U.S. Sen. John McCain will debate his primary challengers, former U.S. Rep. J.D. Hayworth and Jim Deakin, twice next month.... Read more»

Election 2010: Senate

McCain trails with conservatives, commanding lead with moderates in GOP primary race

Sen. John McCain trails among conservatives voters, but his lead with moderates may still carry him to a primary victory over former Congressman J.D. Hayworth, according to survey.... Read more»1

Election 2010

Glassman trails McCain, Hayworth in Az Senate poll

Former Tucson City Councilman Rodney Glassman wouldn't fare well in Arizona's U.S. Senate race if it were held today.... Read more»2

Election 2010

McCain mocks Hayworth with 'man-horse marriage' ad

Incumbent Sen. John McCain has released a contender for the oddest political ad award in his campaign against challenger, former congressman and radio host J.D. Hayworth.... Read more»2

Election 2010

Poll: McCain up 15 points over Hayworth

A Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll shows incumbent Republican John McCain up 52 percent to 37 percent over former congressman and right-wing radio host J.D. Hayworth in the race for the GOP senatorial nomination.... Read more»

Election 2010

Hayworth closing on McCain in latest poll

Incumbent Sen. John McCain leads challenger J.D. Hayworth by seven points in the race for the GOP Senate primary, says the latest Rasmussen poll.... Read more»