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Ninth Circuit puts kibosh on Libertarian fight of Arizona election rules

While Arizona’s election requirements may force Libertarians to work harder to put candidates on the primary ballot, the rules passed constitutional muster Friday with a Ninth Circuit panel. ... Read more»

Court lets class-action suit proceed against state for foster care

A divided federal appeals court Friday ruled that a class-action lawsuit over the state’s care of foster children can proceed against the Arizona Department of Child Safety and the state’s Medicaid agency.... Read more»

Loughner doesn't want psych interviews videotaped

Accused Jan. 8 shooter Jared Lee Loughner told a prison psychologist that he doesn't want interviews with her videotaped, even as his lawyers are seeking a court order to have such examinations recorded.... Read more»1

Appeals court weighs continued forced medication for Loughner

Should accused Jan. 8 shooter Jared Lee Loughner continue to be medicated against his will, even though no court has ordered him forcibly drugged? The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments on that question Tuesday.... Read more»