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Trump held in contempt, must pay $10,000 per day in civil probe

A judge ordered former President Donald Trump to pay $10,000 per day for failing to comply with the New York attorney general’s records requests in connection with a state investigation of the Trump real estate empire.... Read more»

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'If you’re getting a W-2, you’re a sucker'

For most people, filing taxes is little more than data entry: a W-2 form from an employer and 1099 forms that list earnings from dividends or interest - but the financial reality of the wealthy, where income isn’t defined by a tax form, is not so easily defined. ... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

When Keith Bee's 19 bedrooms make for an 'indigent' defendant

Lady Justice may be blind but she can smell money. And it’s once again clear that she prefers those with it — like former Pima County Justice of the Peace and one-time Arizona state lawmaker Keith Bee — to those without.... Read more»

Sentenced to 6 mos. for tax fraud, ex-judge Keith Bee is 'indigent' but still owns $3 million in luxury homes

Keith Bee, a former Pima justice of the peace, was sentenced Wednesday to six months for filing a false tax return. Described as "indigent," Bee still has $3 million in luxury homes in his name, and statements made by his attorney indicate he may not have been legally eligible to serve on the bench.... Read more»

Crédito tributario por hijos militares: lo que debe saber sobre su reembolso de impuestos

La temporada de impuestos se verá un poco diferente este año, desde los plazos normales hasta la escasez de personal del IRS que podría retrasar los reembolsos, pero hay ayuda disponible en Arizona para los que tienen fobia a los impuestos, y es gratis para aquellos que califican.... Read more»

Child tax credit to military pensions: What to know about filing for your tax refund this year

Tax season will look a little different this year, from normal deadlines to IRS staffing shortages that could delay refunds - but help is available in Arizona for the tax-phobic, and it’s free for those who qualify. ... Read more»


Hellertoon: Trump on a tear

Who's got something to hide?... Read more»

New legal filing reveals startling details of possible fraud by Trump Organization

A new legal filing by New York’s attorney general this week accused former President Donald Trump’s company of misleading lenders about the financial health of its landmark downtown Manhattan skyscraper, 40 Wall Street, while seeking to renew the building’s mortgage.... Read more»

These real estate and oil tycoons avoided paying taxes for years

While some of the country’s absolute wealthiest people, including Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Michael Bloomberg, occasionally sidestep federal income tax entirely, a subset of the ultrarich does it year in and year out.... Read more»

FactCheck: CBO says Build Back Better not quite 'fully paid for'

For weeks, President Joe Biden has been saying the Build Back Better plan would be “fully paid for” and would not increase the deficit - but the official congressional scorekeeper in its long-awaited final analysis contradicted the president’s claims.... Read more»


Trillions in infrastructure spending could mean hundreds of billions in fraud

The U.S. government may be on the verge of spending as much as US$4.5 trillion in what could be one of the biggest investments in infrastructure and the social safety net in decades – but some of the money will undoubtedly be lost to fraud.... Read more»

President Biden tells rich to 'pay your fair share'

President Joe Biden on Thursday bit back at Republicans who’d described his economic recovery plan as excessive spending, pointing to their support of his predecessor’s nearly $2 trillion in tax cuts for big corporations and the wealthy. ... Read more»

Former Pima judge Keith Bee pleads guilty in tax fraud case

Former Pima County Justice of the Peace Keith Bee has pleaded guilty to one felony count of filing a false income tax return and must pay $343,000 in restitution and faces up to 10 months in prison.... Read more»

Trump tax law expanded loophole that lets top execs net millions by slashing their own salaries

The 2017 tax cuts made it more attractive for certain company owners to be paid in profits instead of wages - so some cut their own wages, expanding a loophole that was already costing the U.S. billions. ... Read more»

Tax credit for plug-in electric vehicles still available for certain models

Many electric cars and trucks still qualify for a federal tax credit for buyers purchasing plug-in electric vehicles, despite President Biden's misleading claimed that the Trump administration allowed the credit to expire, which, so far, is only the case for models made by Tesla and GM.... Read more»

Free COBRA coverage sign-up window for many laid-off workers closes this week

For people who lost their jobs before April 1, the window to take advantage of subsidized COBRA coverage is closing - they have 60 days from the date their employer notified them of the COBRA subsidy to sign up for it — that’s July 31 if they were notified by the end of May. ... Read more»

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