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Biden administration opens civil rights probes of 5 GOP-led states banning school mask mandates

Federal education officials have launched civil rights investigations in five Republican-led states that have prohibited school districts from mandating mask-wearing.... Read more»

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COVID-19 patients swamp rural hospitals

The nation’s pandemic hotspots have shifted to rural communities, overwhelming small hospitals that are running out of beds or lack the intensive care units for more than one or two seriously ill patients.... Read more»

Amid pandemic, gun control advocates celebrate wins on NRA’s home turf

Taking time out from overseeing Virginia’s response to the pandemic, Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam signed a slate of bills: requiring universal background checks on firearm purchases, restricting handgun purchases to one a month and allowing law enforcement to seize guns from people who may be a risk to themselves or others.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

10 reasons to give Arizona a shot if Iowa can't pull caucus together

It's time for the Hawkeyes to start figuring out what Super Tuesday balloting feels like and I got just the state to take it's place. It's hot. It's dry. It's neither corn-based nor high-fructose and it's got a pair of rainbow shades.... Read more»

Ted Cruz takes first-ever lead in early state poll

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has taken his first-ever lead in an early state poll, surging past billionaire Donald Trump to the no. 1 spot in Iowa. ... Read more»

Presidential candidates woo Iowa voters, not donors

Donors big and small alike are pulling out their wallets in Iowa to support their candidates for the 2016 presidential election, but their contributions amount to little more than a drop in the bucket. “When candidates come to Iowa, fundraising is not their primary purpose. This isn’t where the big bucks are, this is where the caucus-goers are."... Read more»

GOP lawmaker: Time Arizona’s primary with Iowa caucuses

Rep. Phil Lovas, R-Peoria, says the change would give Arizona a bigger say in presidential politics and more candidates to look at. But it likely also would result in sanctions from national parties, as happened with the state's delegation to the 2012 Republican National Convention.... Read more»

The state of open records laws: access denied

Some open records laws are filled with hundreds of exceptions, buried in state codebooks to the point where it’s difficult to keep track of what the exceptions are and just how they got there.... Read more»

Wash. governor signs gay marriage bill into law

Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire signed same-sex marriage into law on Monday, making Washington the seventh state to recognize gay and lesbian unions.... Read more»

Perry to stay in presidential race

Despite a disappointing fifth-place finish in Tuesday night's Iowa caucuses that led Rick Perry to say he was returning home to Texas to reassess his candidacy, the Texas governor surprised everyone — including some of his own staff — by announcing this morning that he would stay in the race.... Read more»

Iowa, the unlikely kingmaker

Welcome to Iowa, whose motto, "1st in the Nation", refers to its jealously guarded prerogative of being the first state to officially pick the frontrunners from the presidential pack, through a statewide system of caucuses.... Read more»

Perry hits stride in Iowa, but is it too late?

If Gov. Rick Perry falls short in the Iowa caucuses, an increasingly likely outcome, there may be a feeling among frustrated supporters and objective observers alike: He could have had this. ... Read more»

Comic: Politics

Are voters warming up to Santorum?

It appears to be Rick Santorum's turn to challenge Mitt Romney as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. ... Read more»

Bachmann advisor flees to Paul camp

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann received a big blow to her GOP presidential campaign when her top Iowa advisor announced Wednesday night that he would ditch her for Ron Paul of Texas.... Read more»

Gingrich heckled by OWS protesters

Newt Gingrich was heckled at an endorsement event in Iowa on Wednesday and reportedly chased out of the Iowa Capitol building. The 2012 Republican presidential candidate had been in Des Moines to receive endorsement of one of Iowa’s top political leaders, ... Read more»


More baloney at latest Republican debate

False and misleading claims were flying again at the latest Republican presidential candidates' debate in Iowa. (with video of full debate)... Read more»3

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