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Voters can’t decide fate of massive tax cuts, Arizona Supreme Court rules

The Arizona Supreme Court has ruled that voters cannot determine the fate of a flat tax proposal that Republican lawmakers and Gov. Doug Ducey championed last year and designed to blunt the effect of the Invest in Education Act on wealthy Arizonans.... Read more»

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Arizona budget surplus grows to $5.3 billion

The combination of state tax collections that continue to exceed expectations and a recent court ruling striking down a voter-approved tax increase to spend more money on public schools means that Arizona lawmakers will have almost $5.3 billion in surplus revenue in the upcoming budget.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Shortchanged: Arizona schools to suffer, blame goes around as court kills K-12 funding

A new court ruling means Arizona remains where it's always been — choosing to remain at the bottom of the national ladder in school funding. The untenable remains permanent, and everyone is to blame.... Read more»

State judge rules Arizona's voter-approved Invest in Education Act is unconstitutional

A Maricopa County judge on Friday declared that a voter-approved income tax hike on wealthy Arizonans to fund public schools violates the state Constitution, though he made clear that he wasn’t particularly happy about it. ... Read more»

No Republican candidates for Arizona governor are calling for school cuts to be stopped

Arizona's Republican gubernatorial hopefuls aren't voicing any support for legislation to avert nearly $1.2 billion in education cuts this school year. ... Read more»

Collateral damage: Arizona Supreme Court ruling jeopardizes another $600 million in school funding

When the Arizona Supreme Court ruled against an income tax hike voters approved last year, it illuminated another K-12 funding issue that could strip $600 million a year out of Arizona schools - an education spending limit voters imposed on the state more than four decades ago.... Read more»

Arizona education groups heading to the ballot to block new tax cuts

A coalition of public education advocates are mounting a campaign to ask voters to overturn the tax cuts - designed to blunt the effect that Prop 208, which voters approved in November - that were the centerpiece of the budget that Republican lawmakers and Gov. Ducey just approved.... Read more»

Public education groups ready referendum, lawsuits on tax cuts and other Arizona budget items

A coalition of public education advocacy groups looking at ways to stop Republican legislators and Gov. Ducey from undermining a tax increase in the state budget that includes massive tax cuts for the wealthy.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Ann-Eve Pedersen's near-mythical leadership was the stuff of sagas

A whole bunch of Tucson journalists are better at their jobs and Arizona's public school advocates are winning at the polls because they followed Ann-Eve Pedersen's unflagging lead.... Read more»1


Unemployment aid up, taxes cut in Az budget deal. But can it win GOP support?

Unemployment benefits will go up while tax rates will go down, especially for the wealthiest Arizonans, under the budget deal forged by Gov. Doug Ducey and legislative Republican leaders, but questions remain about GOP support for the legislation.... Read more»

GOP lawmakers take fight over new education tax to Arizona high court

A new income tax approved by voters in November violates the state constitution and should be blocked, attorneys for a group of Republican lawmakers argued Tuesday before the Arizona Supreme Court.... Read more»

Prop. 208 ahead in early returns; would provide school funds that legislators have not

The proposition would allow districts to hire more teachers and raise salaries of a workforce that is at high risk during the pandemic in a state that consistently ranks low on teacher pay, school funding and student performance.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Invest in Ed socks it to the rich — and it's more than fair

The Invest in Ed ballot initiative may have flaws but "class warfare" ain't any of them, Republican protestations to the contrary aside. In fact, it’s time for that tired political phrase to scrapped. ... Read more»

Poll: Az voters back legal pot and a tax hike on the rich to fund schools

Majorities of Arizona voters say they support ballot measures that would legalize marijuana and tax the wealthy to increase funding for schools and raise teacher salaries, according to a new poll.... Read more»

Arizona Supreme Court says Invest in Ed will be on November’s ballot

The Arizona Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that voters in November will get the chance to decide whether to tax wealthy Arizonans to provide more funding to public schools, overturning a lower court that earlier tossed the Invest in Education Act after concluding that organizers crafted a misleading summary of the measure.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Judge's ruling on Invest in Ed is long on smirk, short on reality

The judge's ruling is perfect for the post-fact, reality-is-fake-news world. It rethinks dictionary meanings and quotes precedent that doesn't exist in a fit of self-superiority. ... Read more»

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