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How finding & supporting real news is like voting

We're awash this year in a sea of propaganda and misinformation. Fake news sites, false reports, news-like stories selected and spun not to make us smarter. But we have the ultimate defense: credible news. We can find real news, follow it and support it.... Read more»

From the editor

NY Times publisher: Support local journalism like TucsonSentinel.com

In observing World Press Freedom Day, the publisher of the New York Times is urging people to donate and subscribe to local news organizations — including TucsonSentinel.com.... Read more»1


The press belongs to you, not the president

“The press” is just journalists who work as your eyes and ears in places you can’t be. The press is the people you send into rooms to witness what your government is doing and tell you about it. Dictators and tyrants don’t want you in the room.... Read more»

Sentinel journalist Paul Ingram wins national photo award

Paul Ingram, senior reporter and photographer for TucsonSentinel.com, was among the journalists recognized Tuesday by the Institute for Nonprofit News.... Read more»