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Arizona lawmakers question Ducey’s lack of Indigenous Peoples Day proclamation

In 2020, Gov. Doug Ducey signed a proclamation recognizing Indigenous Peoples Day - to highlight the Native communities of Arizona, their history and resilience, and to combat the erasure of their realities. This year, no proclamation came from the Republican governor’s office. ... Read more»

Biden first U.S. president to proclaim Indigenous Peoples Day

Monday marks, as is tradition, Columbus Day across the country. But it also, for the first time ever, is Indigenous Peoples Day, following President Joe Biden's national proclamation.... Read more»

Indigenous Peoples Day: Why it’s replacing Columbus Day in many places

Columbus Day celebrations in the United States are almost as old as the nation - but since the 1990s, a growing number of states have replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day – meant to honor the people living in the Americas both before and after Columbus’ arrival.... Read more»

Presidente mexicano AMLO pide disculpas a Pascua Yaqui, otras tribus por crímenes históricos

El presidente mexicano AMLO pidió disculpas a Pascua Yaqui y otras tribus por crímenes históricos en una reunión un Sonora ... Read more»

Mexican president AMLO issues apology to Pascua Yaqui, other tribes for historical crimes

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obredor issued an apology for "crimes of the state" committed against Native tribes, including the Pascua Yaqui Tribe, in a meeting last week. North of the border, President Biden became the first U.S. leader to proclaim Indigenous Peoples' Day.... Read more»

Native demonstration at Border Patrol checkpoint ended with DPS tear gas

A group of Native demonstrators said they were "violent attacked" by Department of Public Safety troopers who used "rubber bullets and tear gas" to break up a protest at the Border Patrol checkpoint west of Tucson on Monday morning, arresting 12 people.... Read more»