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Bill advances for 'truth and healing' panel for Indian boarding schools

A House committee gave preliminary approval Wednesday to a bill that would create a commission to investigate Indian boarding schools, despite Republican concerns over the scope and power of the commission. ... Read more»

Congress explores creation of truth commission for U.S. Indian Boarding Schools

Native American survivors of Indian boarding schools detailed to a House subcommittee the need for Congress to establish a commission dedicated to unveiling the traumas Indigenous children experienced because of the forcible removal policy.... Read more»

Historic report on Federal Indian Boarding Schools finds 47 in Arizona, 400 nationwide

For the first time in history, the Department of Interior investigated the federal Indian boarding school system across the United States, identifying more than 400 schools and over 50 burial sites - with Arizona home to 47 of those schools.... Read more»

Federal investigation aims to uncover painful history of Native American boarding schools

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland ordered a federal Indian Boarding School Initiative to recover the histories of the institutions, saying she wants the investigation to identify the children who attended and their tribal affiliations, along with a particular emphasis on finding records of cemeteries or burial sites connected with the schools.... Read more»