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Arizona’s independents are largely powerless in primary elections

As much as politicians and analysts talk about the importance of “independents” in elections, Arizona’s unaffiliated voters actually have little influence in selecting the candidates who will be on the ballot.... Read more»

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Arizona independent voter registrations surge as parties fall

The major political parties in Arizona have continued to lose voters since the November election, with strident partisanship “turning off” voters and driving them to register as independents, and experts said that the shift is not unique to Arizona.... Read more»1

Democrats pass independents, can’t overtake GOP in voter registration drive

Arizona Democrats registered more new voters in the last election cycle than any other party, moving ahead of independents in registration for the first time in 10 years – but still failed to overtake Republicans in total number of registered voters.... Read more»

Judge dismisses Dem lawsuit challenging independent redistricting candidates

Democratic legislative leaders' lawsuit to disqualify two of the five finalists for independent chair of the state's next redistricting commission fell flat after a Maricopa County Superior Court judge ruled that the disputed applicants didn't violate the criteria set out in the Arizona Constitution.... Read more»

Biden holds on to 8-point lead among likely Arizona voters in new poll

A poll out Monday shows Vice President Joe Biden leading President Donald Trump by eight points in Arizona, a weakening Republican stronghold that hasn’t gone to a Democrat in a presidential election since Bill Clinton in 1996.... Read more»

Commission narrows down list of redistricting applicants

The Commission on Appellate Court Appointments on Thursday narrowed down the list of 138 applicants to the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission to 51 candidates.... Read more»

Arizona GOP told it has work to do to reach millennials, independents

Republican pollster Frank Luntz told Arizona delegates last week that the Grand Old Party needs to focus less on the “old” if it hopes to remain relevant in the future.... Read more»

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Independence Day

The number of independents in Arizona has increased by 43,085 since this time last year. But how "independent" are non-party voters?... Read more»

Independents pick up 43K registered voters in Arizona

The first voter registration report of 2015 showed that the number of independents in Arizona has increased by 43,085 since this time last year. ... Read more»

Independents - Az's largest voting bloc - far from a force in primary

The state’s largest bloc of voters may be forfeiting their ability to make a difference in Arizona elections. About 12 percent of independents voted in the Aug. 26 primary, compared to 27 percent turnout among all voters, according to the Secretary of State’s Office.... Read more»

Candidate commentary

Goddard: Independent voter suppression — the rest of the story

Independent voters in Arizona are our state’s largest voting block at 35 percent of registered voters; 1.1 million good people. In theory, they hold an enormous amount of power to determine how Arizona elections turn out. But they don’t vote – at least not in the numbers or in the elections that could change who is getting elected.... Read more»5

Guest opinion

Dear independent voter: Please read your mail

Dear Independent Voter: I just wanted to make sure that, in sifting through the piles of junk mail, you didn’t miss an important postcard — it's nondescript black and white, has that trademark-boring “official” look and deals with the Aug. 26 primary election.... Read more»

Pollster: Arizona’s switch from red to blue state ‘inevitable’

Arizona has a national reputation for hard-core conservatism, but it’s inevitable that Democrats will hold sway in the state as the Latino population grows and independent voters surge, a pollster said Saturday.... Read more»

How independents are changing Az politics

Cronkite News, in collaboration with the Public Insight Network, examines the rise of independent voters in Arizona. Does the rise of independents signal a change toward more moderate candidates? Probably not, two political experts say. In fact, they say having more independents could lead to more elected officials with viewpoints at the extremes.... Read more»2

Independents pass Republicans, now Az’s largest voting bloc

Of Arizona’s 3.2 million registered voters, 1,134,243, or 34.9 percent, don't indicate an affiliation with a political party. They're followed by Republicans and then Democrats. Parties and an expert say independents gave become a political force that can't be ignored. ... Read more»

John C. Scott Show

J.C. Scott: TUSD faces challenges

Interviews with broadcaster Dave Sitton; Mark B. Evans Tucsoncitizen.com administrator; TUSD Superintendent John Pedicone; state House Speaker Rep. Andy Tobin and state Sen. Linda Lopez... Read more»

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