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Covid still threatens millions of Americans. Why are we so eager to move on?

Americans who are at high risk — and the loved ones who fear passing along the virus to them — are speaking out about being left behind as the rest of society drops pandemic safeguards such as masking and physical distancing.... Read more»

Delta variant makes it even more important to get a COVID-19 vaccine

COVID-19 vaccines offer a safe and reliable path to immunity against both the older strains of coronavirus and against emerging strains, especially the new Delta variant. ... Read more»

First Lady in Az urging COVID vaccinations as delta variant surfaces in state

First Lady Jill Biden and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff visited a vaccination clinic at Isaac Middle School in Phoenix on Wednesday to stress the importance of community protection from COVID-19 as the delta variant is soon expected to become the dominant coronavirus strain in the U.S.... Read more»


Vaccines benefit those who have had COVID-19, contrary to viral posts

Contrary to recent viral posts, there is no evidence that vaccines could cause harm to people who already have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 or have become ill with the disease COVID-19 and recent studies show the vaccine gives an important immunity boost to those previously infected and suggest that one dose might be enough. ... Read more»

What childhood vaccine rates can, and can't, teach us about COVID vaccines

When the vaccines become available to the general public, will enough people get it in your county, city or neighborhood to keep your community safe? Data on childhood vaccines, such as the one that protects against measles, mumps and rubella, provide hints. ... Read more»

Doctors urge elimination of vitamin D deficiencies to help fight COVID-19

A recent column by a group of doctors, including a former U.S. surgeon general, cites research indicating that COVID-19 patients with vitamin D deficiencies fared worse, including one study that found a deficiency in 97% of patients who wound up in intensive care, compared to a deficiency in just 33% of patients with asymptomatic COVID-19.... Read more»

COVID vaccines appear safe and effective, but key questions remain

The unknowns add to the challenge faced by governments, local health authorities, medical professionals and private sector entities as they seek to persuade people across the broadest possible swath of the population to get a vaccine.... Read more»

Uncertainty lingers around long-term immunity from Covid-19 vaccines

Vaccines that have been shown to give immunity for years, like the ones for yellow fever and polio, are made differently than the leading shots for Covid-19, which focus on a limited range of viral proteins.... Read more»

Five important questions about Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine

Many news reports described the vaccine as if it were our deliverance from the pandemic, even though few details were released. Here's what we know.... Read more»

FactCheck: Q&A on coronavirus vaccines

An overview of the vaccine development efforts underway and answer some questions about the testing process, the likelihood and timing of a vaccine in the U.S., and what to expect from a COVID-19 vaccine.... Read more»