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Judge indefinitely blocks Biden administration’s 100-day deportation freeze

A ruling by a federal judge in Texas has put an indefinite halt to President Biden’s 100-day halt to deportations. Texas AG Ken Paxton, the subject of a criminal investigation accusing him of accepting a bribe, argued the state would face financial harm if undocumented immigrants were released there.... Read more»

Brnovich sues Dep't of Homeland Security over deportation pause

A day after Acting DHS Sec. Pekoske terminated the “Sanctuary for Americans First Enactment (SAFE) Agreement”, signed Jan. 8, 2021 between AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich and the Dept. of Homeland Security, Brnovich sued DHS claiming the void agreement gives him broad powers to block changes in how the federal government enforces federal immigration laws.... Read more»

Biden ban on new private prison contracts will not reach ICE detainees

President Joe Biden’s order that the Justice Department stop contracting with private prisons could eventually affect thousands of inmates, but the order does not affect Immigration and Customs Enforcement contracts with companies that hold immigrants awaiting hearings or deportation.... Read more»

AG Brnovich wants to cancel Biden’s 100-day pause on deportations

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich asked DHS to comply with the “Sanctuary for Americans First Enactment (SAFE) Agreement", signed in the final days of the Trump administration. The agreement was seen as a last-ditch effort by the Trump administration to sabotage any immediate changes President Joe Biden made on immigration. ... Read more»

ICE deported key witness in sexual assault investigation at El Paso detention center

Department of Homeland Security and Justice Department inspectors general are investigating allegations that ICE guards assaulted detainees in camera blind spots. ... Read more»

ICE guards 'systematically' sexually assault detainees in an El Paso detention center, lawyers say

Allegations include guards attacking victims in camera “blind spots” and telling them that “no one would believe” them in ICE detention centers, which imprison about 50,000 immigrants each year at a taxpayer expense of $2.7 billion.... Read more»

Amid coronavirus concerns, Justice Dep't continues 'Remain in Mexico' hearings

It was business as usual Monday on the Migrant Protection Protocols docket in federal immigration courts, and groups that work in them are raising concerns about the risk to migrants and court staff.... Read more»

Vaccinations give migrants hope and health as they wait to enter the U.S.

American doctors, members of Congress and immigrant advocates have been pushing U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials to vaccinate migrants after several migrant children, including some diagnosed with the flu, have died while in U.S. custody. With CBP so far rejecting those requests, some organizations are working to get migrants the health care they need – on the Mexican side of the border.... Read more»