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Volcano eruption in Iceland shuts down air travel

A volcano in Iceland has erupted, shutting down the country's airspace Sunday a year after the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano caused aviation chaos across Europe.... Read more»

Ireland: Teetering on the edge of existence

For a long time the Irish were confident that at least things here were not as bad as in Iceland, a tiny nation that went bankrupt trying to play the financial markets. But the oft-repeated jibe that the only difference between Iceland and Ireland is one letter and one year is perilously close to coming true.... Read more»

Volcano could be best thing to happen to Iceland

With Eyjafjallajokull and its ash-spewing cloud, many predict Iceland's tourism sector will do some exploding of its own.... Read more»

Pot activists take to Tucson streets to advocate legalization

Marijuana advocates marched through the streets of Tucson on Tuesday in an effort to raise public awareness and encourage legalization of the drug.... Read more»1

In Europe, taking the long way home, thanks to volcano

It’s 2:30 in the morning, my Berlin-bound train rattling through the darkness. I take it we’ve just crossed the Austrian-Czech border because a no-nonsense conductor in a red-trimmed blue uniform just yanked open the door of our compartment, flipped on a blinding overhead light and demanded our tickets in Slavic-accented German.... Read more»


Volcano ash cloud shuts down Europe

About 8,000 flights in Europe were canceled on Thursday and about 16,000 were expected to be grounded Friday — well over half the number normally criss-crossing the continent.... Read more»