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Cunningham: Building Interstate 11 through Avra Valley not a sensible option

Building I-11 through Avra Valley would mean more costly suburban sprawl far away from where existing jobs and services are, along with environmental disruption, disturbing a wildlife corridor and the rural lifestyle of residents, and potential contamination of Tucson's water supply.... Read more»

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Feds probe deadly crash on I-10 that involved 'attempted human smuggling'

Three people were killed and five seriously injured when the driver of a SUV crashed into a semi-tractor trailer after refusing to stop for an Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper north of Tucson on Thursday morning, authorities said. ... Read more»

Highway construction to close Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park after nearly four-decade NHRA run

A drag racing tradition in Chandler’s Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park that dates back to the 1980s is set to come to an end with an announcement Friday that a new overpass planned for the widening of I-10 will take the space that currently occupies part of the facility, ... Read more»

ADOT releases plan for new route connecting I-10, I-19 south of Tucson

The state and feds have finished an environmental study that lays out a preferred route to connect Interstates 10 and 19. Just don't start planning trips around it quite yet.... Read more»1

Large plume of smoke over Tucson caused by controlled burn in Sweetwater Wetlands

Tucson residents may have seen smoke rising from the Sweetwater Wetlands early Wednesday as Tucson Water and the Tucson Fire Department performed a controlled burn of 17 acres in the area. ... Read more»

Public hearing on I-10 expansion set for Thursday

Work crews are going to expand Interstate-10 on the Northwest Side again, and the Arizona Department of Transportation is inviting the public to sound off about it.... Read more»

Author & historian Lydia Otero to headline Pima Library's annual LGBTQ+ talk

Tucson historian and author Lydia Otero will headline the Pima County Public Library's annual LGBTQ+ Author Talk, discussing their books focused on Hispanic and queer perspectives in the context of Tucson's growth as a city. ... Read more»

Sen. Kelly, Mayor Romero tout Tucson impact of $1 trillion federal infrastructure bill

Tucson will see new bridges, roads, buses and trains because of the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that passed by a 69-30 vote in the Senate earlier this week, Tucson Mayor Regina Romero and U.S. Senator Mark Kelly said on Wednesday. ... Read more»

Interstate 10 partly reopens east of Tucson after wildfire closure

The Walnut Fire burning on both sides of the highway forced the closure of Interstate 10 between Tucson and Willcox on Tuesday afternoon, but one lane in each direction was reopened in the evening. Residents in the rural area were being ordered to evacuate.... Read more»

ADOT rolls out new dust detection system to help drivers on I-10

Dust storms in Arizona can blow up suddenly, and the patch of desert between Eloy and Picacho Peak is especially prone to wind-driven dust. Dust drastically reduces visibility for drivers, which is why the Arizona Department of Transportation, ahead of monsoon season, has implemented a new dust detection system to protect drivers on I-10 between Phoenix and Tucson.... Read more»

ADOT forum on I-10, crosstown parkway study

State transportation officials are holding a public hearing Wednesday night about potential improvements to Interstate 10 on the Southeast Side, and the possibility of upgrading Alvernon as a parkway between I-10 and Golf Links.... Read more»

I-10 East, Craycroft to close Thursday night for bridge work

Eastbound Interstate 10 will be closed overnight Thursday for bridge maintenance work, as will Craycroft Road, official said.... Read more»

I-10 lanes closed overnight east of Tucson for Vail bridge work

With the decks of Interstate 10 bridges just southeast of Tucson set to be replaced, drivers on the highway near Vail should account for extra travel time overnight and during the early morning hours for about the next two weeks.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Interstate 11: Great things for Tucson or a Phoenix plot to destroy us?

It's too soon to tell if a proposed Tucson bypass is good for our city or something to be fought for the good of our summer-clad Pueblo. It's definitely worth getting the lowdown and asking questions.... Read more»1

Guest opinion

Cunningham: I-11 is a boondoggle that doesn't benefit Tucson

The proposed Interstate 11 west of Tucson is a boondoggle that doesn't benefit our city and doesn't benefit our neighbors in Pima County (unless you happen to be a real estate speculator).... Read more»4

I-10 at Ina now reopen while another stretch is scheduled for a quick closure.

Work crews complete $128 million rebuild of the interchange after more than two years of work.... Read more»

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