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Alguacil de Cochise: Crimen fronterizo en un ‘máximo histórico’, se necesita una reforma migratoria

Los delitos relacionados con la frontera se encuentran en su “máximo histórico”, según el testimonio del alguacil del condado de Cochise, Mark Dannels, y solo empeorarían sin una reforma migratoria integral.... Read more»

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Cochise sheriff: Border crime at 'all-time high,' immigration reform needed

Border-related crimes are at an “all-time high,” according to testimony before a House Judiciary subcommittee hearing on human trafficking by Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels, and would only get worse without comprehensive immigration reform.... Read more»2

Pres. Biden gives victims of crime a boost

President Joe Biden on Thursday signed into law a measure that replenishes funding for victims of crime in the United States so they can start fresh, receive mental health counseling and potentially gain a new lease on life for themselves or their family in the face of trauma. ... Read more»

DPS: State trooper wrong to say he 'smelled' undocumented migrants

The notable “odor” of people is not an acceptable factor law enforcement can use to establish reasonable suspicion that someone is a noncitizen, according to DPS, yet an April 17 incident report states "...I immediately smelled an odor that was consistent with smuggling of illegal aliens..."... Read more»

Republican Tiffany Shedd is first candidate for Arizona's AG’s race

Republican Tiffany Shedd, a lawyer and cotton farmer from Eloy, announced her campaign for attorney general on Monday, making her the first candidate to jump into the open race for 2022. Shedd previously ran for Congress in the 1st Congressional District. ... Read more»

McCain, McSally: State at forefront on trafficking, more work remains

Officials at a forum on human trafficking said Arizona is “leading at the state level” on prevention, but warned that people need to remain vigilant to what one speaker called a trafficking “epidemic” in the state.... Read more»

Sex trafficking in Indian Country a 'significant problem,' senators told

Sex-trafficking in Indian Country is a significant problem, with tribal women and children suffering at higher rates than the general population, a panel of experts and activists told a Senate committee Wednesday.... Read more»

Mexican human rights defenders say they are target of smear campaign

With the release of a report investigating a student massacre in 2014, its authors and other human rights advocates fear attempts to pre-empt the findings and discredit the work. ... Read more»

Cindy McCain: U.S. must lead fight against human trafficking

Cindy McCain told a Senate committee Wednesday that the U.S. should be the leader in the global fight against human trafficking.... Read more»

Firms showcase products aimed at boosting border security

Products on display at the Border Security Expo held in Phoenix ranged from body cameras to retinal scanners for customs checkpoints to an amphibious ball carrying video equipment. Makers hope to capitalize on calls for more secure borders. ... Read more»

Stiffer penalties for buyers key to curbing sex trafficking

When it comes to sex trafficking, the traffickers traditionally receive the harshest legal punishments. But states can do more to curb the practice by shifting that responsibility onto the men who purchase sex with young women, an advocacy group contends.... Read more»

Tucson victim of human trafficking shares story in D.C.

For those who think slavery exists only in history books, Tucson resident Beth Jacobs has a message. “Trafficking does not discriminate. It will find you at home, at church, or on the Internet,” said Jacobs, who said she was forced into prostitution as a teenager. “It can find you anywhere.”... Read more»

Christie: GOP needs to ‘show up’ and engage groups that disagree

Believing that Republicans can win support from Hispanics just by supporting immigration reform “is insulting to Hispanic voters all over the country,” New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Friday.... Read more»

Trafficking crimes tough to measure, harder to combat

Lawmakers will address the challenges of combating human trafficking in Texas — a state known as a national center for the difficult-to-measure crime — at a joint interim hearing in Houston on Tuesday. Texas has created harsher penalties for the crime, but advocates say it's hard to know whether they are working.... Read more»

Google donates $11.5M to fight slavery, human trafficking

Google announced Wednesday that it will be giving $11.5 million in grants to 10 organizations that fight modern-day slavery and human trafficking.... Read more»2

Lawsuit vs. Qatar diplomat in U.S. alleges human trafficking

The apparent lack of action against alleged human rights abuses by diplomats calls into question recent claims by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that the U.S. doesn’t tolerate rights abuses by visiting officials.... Read more»

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