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Syrian government carried out chemical weapons attacks: HRW

Eyewitness accounts, medical records and remnants of the weapons all show that Bashar al-Assad's forces fired poison on Damascus civilians, Human Rights Watch says. ... Read more»

GlobalPost investigation: Massacre in Cairo

When security forces killed 51 supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi outside a military installation in Cairo on July 8, the army said its troops fired on protesters to defend themselves. But a series of interviews reveals a much darker version of events. ... Read more»

Detained immigrants increasingly hit with criminal charges

The U.S. government now brings federal criminal charges against undocumented immigrants at an exponentially higher rate than it did 10 years ago, finds a Human Rights Watch report released last week. The result is a much high number of detained immigrants spending time in jail before deportation and for many, exclusion from future legalization under immigration reform legislation.... Read more»

Mexico: Hope grows for the missing

Mexicans by the tens of thousands — precisely 26,121, by the government's latest tally — have vanished in the six years of criminal hyper-violence that have battered much of the country, especially communities like this one near the US border.... Read more»

Mexico drug war disappearances laid bare

A new Human Rights Watch report on Mexico cuts to the heart of the U.S.-supported strategy for battling the country's powerful drug trafficking syndicates. The report focuses on “enforced disappearances” of civilians at the hands of both Mexico's naval infantry and the militarized federal police.... Read more»

Human Rights Watch

Report: Mexican security forces murdered dozens in name of drug war

Mexican security forces abducted and murdered dozens of people over the past six years in the name of the drug wars on cartels, according to Human Rights Watch. Further, the U.S.-based rights group said, Mexico has failed to properly investigate human rights abuses committed by its own security forces. ... Read more»

Mexico's new regime sparks Texas activism

The beginning of a new political era in Mexico has given rise to a new wave of activism in Texas aiming to keep attention on human rights awareness across the border. A group of activists from Texas and Mexico will descend on the Mexican consulate’s office Thursday to denounce the detainment of several dozen protesters who clashed with police in Mexico City during the inauguration of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto on Dec. 1.... Read more»

Mexican military seen as best weapon against cartels

Despite uncertainty south of the Rio Grande in the aftermath of the killing of one of Mexico’s most brutal warlords, recent successes against organized crime suggest military intervention remains the best option there, according to the former deputy director of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.... Read more»

Capturing and killing Mexico's cartel kingpins: Q&A

"How can we control the madness of drug distribution and infiltration into the United States? The obvious answer is to stop US drug consumption," said Dr. Alex del Carmen, professor of Criminology. ... Read more»

Syria's peaceful protesters march on

As violence erupts all around them, some Syrians remain committed to peaceful protests.... Read more»

The facts on new 'hospitality' guidelines for detained immigrants

The government's new standards for more humane detention of undocumented immigrants have been criticized as too cushy. So what are they?... Read more»

CIA rendition flights continue under Obama

New documents have surfaced several new details about the shadowy practice of snatching terrorism suspects from one country and rendering them into the custody of another. While the Obama administration has tried to distance itself from the some of the harshest counterterrorism techniques, it has also said that at least some forms of renditions will continue.... Read more»

Mexican journalist wins asylum in Texas

Last summer, Alejandro Hernandez Pacheco was almost certain he was going to die — he just didn’t know how. Would he be killed quickly, with a gunshot wound to the head? Or would he fare worse and become a victim of torture and agony, stories he knew all too well as a cameraman for a Mexican news agency?... Read more»

Torture widespread in Syria's prisons

A campaign of mass arrests in Syria began with protests and has seen at least 8,000 Syrians detained and thrown into prisons, where they are being tortured.... Read more»

Reporters' release tempered by news of colleague's death

American reporters Foley and Gillis said South African Anton Hammerl was shot by Gaddafi forces on April 5.... Read more»

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