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Webb telescope captures images of chaotic Cartwheel Galaxy

The James Webb Space Telescope has peered back 500 million years to reveal new images of the aptly named Cartwheel Galaxy, and images released Tuesday shed light on the rare circumstance that created the galaxy's striking spoked-wheel shape. ... Read more»

Mysterious 'blue blobs' reveal new star system type to UA astronomers

University of Arizona astronomers have identified five examples of a new class of stellar system. They're not quite galaxies and only exist in isolation. ... Read more»

UA astronomers find 'planet' that vanished didn't actually exist

What astronomers thought was a planet beyond our solar system has now seemingly vanished from sight, suggesting that what was heralded as one of the first exoplanets to ever be discovered with direct imaging likely never existed. ... Read more»

Space shuttle Discovery makes final flight

After nearly three decades of space travel, NASA's oldest shuttle, Discovery, flew into retirement on Tuesday, joining other museum relics at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.... Read more»