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Foster: Stegeman's commentary offered all the TUSD drama but only half the story

"The apocalyptic financial forecast posited by my former TUSD Board colleague Mark Stegeman is convoluted at best, and don’t forget, very calculated in time for your three votes on the ballot for TUSD." — TUSD Board President Kristel Foster... Read more»6

Guest opinion

Foster: Why I am not running for re-election to the TUSD Governing Board

"I hope the person who moves into my place answers a call to action, from others and then from deep within themselves, to continue to reinvest in public schools and truly serve the students we are trying so hard to educate." — TUSD Boardmember Kristel Foster... Read more»1

TUSD announces single finalist for superintendent

After winnowing a list of applicants from 67 to 21, to 10 and then to four who were interviewed in recent days, the TUSD Governing Board has named a single candidate for the soon-to-be-vacant superintendent's chair. H.T. Sanchez, interim superintendent of a Texas school district, is the sole person under consideration to lead Tucson's largest district.... Read more»2