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Animals shelters offering refuge to pets displaced by Bighorn Fire

Several local organizations are offering their emergency services the help residents under evacuation orders help to keep their pets and livestock safe.... Read more»

Unleashed at new post, Farley no longer dogged by political defeats

He's not the governor of Arizona, nor the mayor of Tucson. But former state legislator Steve Farley says he "couldn't be happier to be in the dog house" as he starts his new job: CEO of the local Humane Society.... Read more»

Free spay and neuter for hundreds of pets this weekend

Local schools and animal care groups are coordinating to provide free spay and neuter surgery for hundreds of animals... Read more»

Dirty dogs steal from puppies: Burglary at Humane Society store

Over $1,000 in merchandise was stolen from the Humane Society's thrift store overnight, a spokeswoman said. "The break-in was obviously planned, with the thieves targeting a specific case with jewelry."... Read more»1

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Tucson literacy program still seeks volunteers

Featuring an in-depth conversation on poverty and illiteracy in Southern Arizona with Tamara McKinney, Literacy Connects Reading Seed program director, and Bobbie Jo Buel, editor of the Arizona Daily Star. Then, we talked with Penelope Jacks of the Children's Action Alliance as well as Maureen O'Nell, CEO of the Humane Society of Southern Arizona.... Read more»

John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Pima Animal Care Center needs your help

Tucson DUI attorney Jim Nesci, Democratic state Rep. Andrea Dalessandro (LD2), Tucson Weekly writer Jim Nintzel, and Barbara Brown, chairwoman of the Pima Alliance for Animal Welfare... Read more»

Summer heat no treat for pets

"Hot dog" doesn't always signal something good. As summer approaches, it's important to keep in mind the danger that heat poses to pets. Everyday activities such as rides in cars and walks around the neighborhood pose even more potential for harm during Tucson's blazing summer.... Read more»