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Lawsuit claims CBP officer sexually molested Guatemalan woman and 17-year-old sister

A woman from Guatemala has accused an official with U.S. Customs and Border Protection of sexually assaulting her, and her 17-year-old sister, at a holding facility in southwestern Texas last July. ... Read more»

DHS review defends using private prisons for detained immigrants

Despite a decision by the Justice Department to reduce the use of privately run detention facilities, a Homeland Security advisory subcommittee said immigration officials should continue to use them, citing costs and the need for flexibility.... Read more»

CBP review clears Border Patrol in 4 deadly force incidents

Customs and Border Protection cleared four agents of wrongdoing in use-of-force incidents, including one near Nogales, two in Texas and the fourth off the coast of California. In two instances, people were killed, but CBP said that agents acted "in compliance" when they used deadly force.... Read more»

ACLU: Lax investigation drives Border Patrol misconduct at checkpoints

The ACLU said it has documents showing 142 cases of Border Patrol agents violating the civil rights of motorists passing through checkpoints in California and Arizona over the last four years — including racial profiling, verbal abuse, and in at least two cases, making overt threats with their firearms. ... Read more»1

Report: Border Patrol should double investigators, limit use of deadly force

A federal oversight panel charged with reviewing how Customs and Border Protection handles deadly force cases recommends the agency more than double the number of investigators to review abuses and corruption. ... Read more»