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What the Devil won't tell you

Impact fees are a 'no-growth' relic worth keeping

The Tucson City Council’s review of impact fees is one of those great moments in the life of a columnist when I get to say “everyone is full of it” — except, perhaps, for Councilmembers Cunningham and Santa Cruz.... Read more»

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What the Devil won't tell you

Zoo column flub shows media's true potential biases

The public just doesn't know much about journalists' motivations and obstacles, so the public fills in the blanks and presumes bias prompts the press. Here's the 'ripped from the headlines' story that Hollywood won't tell you about what drives journalism... Read more»1

What the Devil won't tell you

Arizona losing the economic Battle of Yesteryear

The whole point of Arizona model of "always low taxes" is to win the battle for business. But it looks like our state is fighting the last battle and losing. We have the stingiest combination of low state spending and high poverty rates in America, and now state leaders — and the state as a whole — are going to have to go back to school to cash in on the changing economy.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Quick take: Putting Trump's tax losses into local perspective

By now we have heard a lot about Donald Trump's tax write-offs, but do we really understand the hypocrisy of the tax code? In Tucson, thousands suffered through major financial losses when their homes were foreclosed during the Great Recession. They actually got taxed on their losses; those at Trump's level can write off their losses against future income for years.... Read more»

The absolute best, most terrific reporting on Trump University

Trump University promised to help students get rich. Enrollees would study the wisdom of The Donald and get mentoring from other terrific businesspeople. But a class-action suit by former students and a suit brought by the New York attorney general allege that the unaccredited “school” mainly helped students part with the money in their wallets. ... Read more»

Brewer: No credit to Obama for housing-price increase

"Instead of trying to share credit for Arizona's successes, President Obama should learn from our example. The nation would benefit from an administration that promotes, rather than stifles, business growth. Our recovery has been made possible in spite of the President's policies – not because of them."... Read more»

Obama: 'Make owning a home a symbol of responsibility'

The complete text of President Barack Obama's 35-minute speech on housing, delivered Tuesday at Desert Vista High School in Ahwatukee. "We've got to turn the page on this kind of bubble-and-bust mentality that helped to create this mess in the first place. We got to build a housing system that is durable and fair and rewards responsibility for generations to come."... Read more»


'American Dream' tied to immigration reform

President Barack Obama was in Arizona on Tuesday, again talking about “the American Dream.” It was a bit different this time, though, with the president making the direct connection between home ownership and immigration reform.... Read more»1

Bank of America

BofA lied to homeowners & rewarded foreclosures, former employees say

Bank of America employees regularly lied to homeowners seeking loan modifications, denied their applications for made-up reasons, and were rewarded for sending homeowners to foreclosure, according to sworn statements by former bank employees.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Tucson real estate report, Grijalva interview

A look at the 2013 commercial and industrial real estate forecast from Hank Amos, owner of Tucson Realty and Trust Company, plus an interview with U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: 2013 Tucson real estate outlook

The Monday Political Face-off with commentators Bruce Ash and Paul Eckerstrom. Also, housing expert John Strobeck has the latest numbers on Tucson real estate, and Joan Lionetti, executive director of Tucson Clean and Beautiful. ... Read more»

The latest myth about govt’s mishandling of housing market

No matter how many times people debunk the notion that government policy created the housing bubble, it doesn't die. Now, we are having another argument about whether the government is creating a new housing disaster for taxpayers. The target this time: the Federal Housing Administration.... Read more»

Unraveling the Freddie-Fannie tangle

The taxpayer-backed mortgage giants, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, play a huge and growing role in the economy yet are riven by conflicts of interest and clashing goals.... Read more»

Prof.: Not requiring court OK of foreclosures aided Az recovery

Not requiring mortgage lenders to take foreclosure cases to court is helping Arizona recover from the housing crisis faster than states that do, according to an Arizona State University researcher.... Read more»

Report: New-home sales surge signals rebound under way

Many Valley residents have been snapping up newly constructed homes this year; 1,021 new single-family homes were sold in the Phoenix area during October, an 85 percent increase from the same month last year.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Tucson area housing picture brightens

An interview with Pima County Supervisor Richard Elias, plus an update on Tucson's real estate market from housing specialist Raj Kohli, and Tom Collier, Buckmaster Show contributor on consumer affairs. ... Read more»

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