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Archbishop Desmond Tutu: Father of South Africa’s 'rainbow nation' dies at 90

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Mpilo Tutu has died at the age of 90 - but the principles of ethical and moral integrity defended by the man who carved out a permanent place in the hearts and minds of millions live on.... Read more»

Fire or forgive? Debate about Brennaman slur continues as more broadcasters use derogatory language

Thom Brennaman - caught using a homophobic slur - is far from the only broadcaster in sports to make a discriminatory statement while the microphones are on, but in today's cancel culture, at what point - if ever - is it appropriate for sports figures to resume their jobs?... Read more»

Comic: Hatemongering

Judgment Day for Phelps

Fred Phelps, Sr., founder of the Westboro Baptist Church and merchant of hate and prejudice, is near death, according to his son. Update, 3/20: Phelps has died at age 84.... Read more»

Latin America has a homophobic killings problem

By all accounts, Joel Molero, an openly gay young man, was enjoying his life to the fullest in Chachapoyas, a sleepy provincial capital in northern Peru. The 19-year-old high school graduate had a lively social life, sang in a cumbia band — dance music more popular in much of Latin America than salsa — and was making plans to study in Ecuador. All that came to a shocking halt on Nov. 22, at the end of a raucous but innocent evening in a karaoke bar. ... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Chick-fil-A celebrates my birthday

We’ve made a lot of progress on bigotry, but Chick-fil-A teaches us we still have a long way to go... Read more»2


The Boy Scout oath — homophobia

The Boy Scouts of America announced Tuesday it is affirming its ban on gay members, following a secret two-year review of the policy.... Read more»3


Obama mans up on gay marriage

Half of Americans support gay marriage. And of course, half don't. But that's the same for every issue. So why not say what you think? Well done, Mr. President.... Read more»

Comic: Politics

The Fighter

Rick Santorum has ended his presidential campaign, but has promised, "We are not done fighting."... Read more»

Comic: Politics

Are voters warming up to Santorum?

It appears to be Rick Santorum's turn to challenge Mitt Romney as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. ... Read more»

'Honor killings' target Turkey's LGBTs

Ahmet Yildiz's father, Yahya Yildiz, stands charged with murder after traveling 600 miles, allegedly hunting his son down and then shooting him five times on July 15, 2008. It is viewed as Turkey’s first reported anti-gay “honor killing.” ... Read more»