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Fewer Latinos going to college, despite population growth

The number of colleges with Latino enrollment of at least 25 percent - designated as Hispanic-serving Institutions - has declined during the pandemic, reversing a 20-year trend in higher education, and putting these students at a disadvantage.... Read more»

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'Humanitarian parole' for Ukrainians highlights racial bias in U.S. immigration policy

Wile Ukrainians are allowed to cross the border within hours or days of arriving, asylum seekers from Central America, Mexico, Haiti and other countries have been waiting for months or even years for their chance to do so - raising questions of discrimination in border policy.... Read more»

2020 census miscounted Americans – 4 questions answered

In 2020, as in past years, the U.S. Census Bureau didn’t get a completely accurate count, according to the bureau’s own reporting - here's why, and how, the census misses people, and how it’s possible to assess who wasn’t counted.... Read more»

Experts target obesity, diet, exercise to combat high cholesterol in youth

With childhood obesity levels on the rise in the U.S., more experts are looking at how to prevent high cholesterol in youth to help avoid serious health problems later in life by recommending parents take their children for early testing and work to increase activity while reducing screen time.... Read more»

Narrowing of state, U.S. gender wage gaps slow; may widen post-pandemic

The wage gap that had been narrowing between men and women stalled in 2019, according to new numbers from the Census Bureau, and advocates fear the situation will only get worse when pandemic-era data is released. ... Read more»

Se insta a las personas de color a registrarse para la donación de órganos

Los defensores están alentando a las personas de color a que se conviertan en donantes de órganos; aunque los órganos no son compatibles según la raza o el origen étnico, los antecedentes raciales o étnicos similares pueden contribuir a una mejor compatibilidad.... Read more»

Gift of life: People of color urged to register for organ donation

At the national and local level, advocates are doing more to encourage people of color to become organ donors - while organs are not matched according to race or ethnicity, racial or ethnic background may make for a better match, particularly in the case of certain immune markers. ... Read more»

Tucson contrata navegantes bilingües para pequeñas empresas

La ciudad de Tucson contrató a dos navegantes bilingües para apoyar dueños de pequeñas empresas con el acceso al capital y conexiones de recursos. ... Read more»

Otra amenaza a la educación en la era de COVID: jubilación masiva de maestros latinos

Una oleada de docentes está dejando la profesión, especialmente evidente entre aquellos con antecedentes de minorías, y en medio de la mezcla tóxica de muerte, enfermedad e interrupción del aula de la pandemia, estas salidas han creado otra tensión para los estudiantes.... Read more»

Exits by Black and Hispanic teachers pose a new threat to COVID-era education

A nationwide surge of teachers are leaving the profession — especially evident among members of the profession with minority backgrounds - and amid the pandemic’s toxic brew of death, illness, and classroom disruption, these departures have created another strain for students.... Read more»

Tucson hires bilingual small-biz navigators

A pair of new "small business navigators" for the city of Tucson will offer help to Spanish-speaking small business owners, officials said.... Read more»


The pandemic’s unequal toll on people of color underlines U.S. health inequities

Research shows the pandemic’s unequal toll on communities of color has been driven by long-standing health inequities - and effectively addressing social determinants of health involves an equity-focused approach.... Read more»

Door-to-door campaign helps Guadalupe, Ariz., turn tide against COVID

A mix of stigma, misinformation and bad accounting let COVID-19 run rampant through this small Arizona town in 2020 - but the community stepped back from that brink by building partnerships and fostering trust to track cases and increase vaccinations. ... Read more»

Tucson lowrider bike film 'Low y Cool' will show on big screen again 25 years later

The 1996 documentary "Low y Cool" about a lowrider bicycle club from Tucson's South Side will play on a big screen again in a 25th anniversary showing, which will include a discussion about Chicano history in Tucson.... Read more»

Comunidades rurales reciben ayuda para casos de emergencia de salud mental

En medio de dos crisis que se cruzan en Estados Unidos, una epidemia de opioides y el maltrato de las llamadas de emergencia de salud mental, el gobierno federal ha otorgado $ 5.6 millones para capacitar mejor a los trabajadores médicos de emergencia rurales.... Read more»

Federal grant pays for training of emergency medical workers in rural communities

Amid two intersecting crises in America – an opioid epidemic and mistreatment of emergency mental health calls – the federal government has awarded $5.6 million to better train rural emergency medical workers to reduce the impact of substance abuse and mental illness.... Read more»

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