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Schools, pediatricians look to make up lost ground on non-COVID vaccinations

Despite a rebound, routine childhood immunization rates are still lower than in 2019 and disparities in rates between racial and economic groups -particularly for Black children- have been exacerbated. Child health experts hope to boost those rates with a focus on well-child visits.... Read more»

Científicos dicen que una píldora diaria para tratar COVID estaría a meses de distancia

Una familia de Seattle, Washington juega un papel en el desarrollo de unas pastillas diarias que pueden combatir los síntomas de COVID temprano después de una diagnóstico positivo y también limitar la transmisión del virus. ... Read more»

COVID vaccination added to requirements for immigrants seeking permanent residency

Immigrants to the U.S. seeking permanent residency are now are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 under a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services policy update that took effect Friday. ... Read more»

A daily pill to treat COVID could be just months away, scientists say

Clinical trials are underway at the Fred Hutch cancer research center that’s part of an international effort to test an antiviral treatment that could halt COVID early in its course.... Read more»

Syringe program for addicts operates in legal gray area as debate continues

While the debate around laws that would allow clean needle exchange programs to operate legally in Arizona continues, one organization continues working in a legal gray area to help stop the spread of disease.... Read more»

What price a miracle? Limited access to hepatitis-C drug sparks debate

Jose Robles is the picture of health. And because of that, he has to remain sick, even though new drugs would likely cure him of the disease he’s had since birth. He’s not the only one: From doctors and patients to ethicists and actuaries, the debate over access to drugs for hepatitis C has spurred investigations and lawsuits and conversations about the restrictions that leave some patients without access to the newest treatments.... Read more»

Marana dental patients may have been exposed to HIV, hepatitis

Patients of T Dental Clinic may have been exposed to HIV, hepatitis or other infectious diseases before the Marana dental clinic closed nearly three years ago. The Health Department is working to contact 174 patients seen at the clinic between January and July 2010. The dentist who operated the clinic had twice been disciplined for minor infractions.... Read more»