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Southwest’s drought & fires are a window to our climate-change future

The ongoing drought appears to be the worst in 1,200 years, with hotter temperatures, smaller snowpack and an earlier start to the fire season - a glimpse at what climate change will bring to the Southwest and elsewhere.... Read more»

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Interior Dep't announces funding opportunity for tribal nations to address climate change

Tribal nations across the country have the opportunity to receive funding as part of the $46 million Bureau of Indian Affairs Tribal Climate Resilience Program to address the unique impacts climate change has within their communities.... Read more»

Time, tradition and trust: The Navajo Nation takes on climate change

The Navajo Nation is trying to restore the land using Indigenous knowledge and long-held traditions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address a climate that’s relentlessly heating up and drying out the planet.... Read more»

New solar cell keeps working at night

Researchers at Stanford University have built a solar cell capable of harvesting renewable energy both day and night and eliminate the need for batteries by harvesting energy from the heat drifting from Earth back into space as temperatures cool at night.... Read more»

Blankets of color harder to find during Arizona’s subpar wildflower season

Arizonans won’t have much luck finding many wildflowers this year, and some experts fear the future will have fewer Mexican and California poppies – as well as lupine, chicory, fiddlenecks and a host of other wildflowers – as the Southwest continues to heat up and dry out.... Read more»

Crop talk: UA scientists learning how plants communicate with their environment

Scientists at the University of Arizona’s School of Plant Sciences are conducting a project to understand how plants talk with each other with the ultimate goal to engineer plants to help them survive a warmer world.... Read more»

Climate data reveals a hotter, drier Arizona, with more extremes possible

The latest summary of climate data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association predicts Arizona’s climate will continue to warm, leading to rising temperatures, more intense wildfires, and ongoing drought.... Read more»

Athletes, sports organizations 'moving the needle' in climate change action

Over the next few decades the planet will continue to see the impact of climate change, and the sports world is no exception - but if the sports world is to make its own contribution to climate change action, it first needs to acknowledge and accept its own role in the problem.... Read more»


Why investing in libraries is a climate justice issue

Public libraries are increasingly opening their doors as cooling centers as officials develop emergency plans for heat and other extreme weather conditions, and some politicians are looking for funding to bolster libraries, which will improve their ability to respond in times of disaster.... Read more»

On the crawl: Why so many caterpillars are wriggling around Arizona

The increased rainfall from this year's monsoon stimulated the growth of essential food for tens of thousands of caterpillars frantically wriggling across Arizona, as they continue their mission to eat as much as possible before becoming white-lined sphinx moths.... Read more»

Wildfire smoke drives people in low-vaccinated areas indoors, raising outbreak fears

Smoke from wildfires and the heat have driven people to seek refuge in indoor public areas, and in areas with low COVID-19 vaccination rates where people have largely abandoned masks and physical distancing, health officials are concerned the result will be more outbreaks.... Read more»

Hot, dry forecast offers little hope for relief as Arizona wildfires rage

A half-dozen wildfires were burning close to 140,000 acres across Arizona Tuesday and growing, as heat, wind and drought conditions complicated firefighting efforts. ... Read more»

No cold elders: Volunteers provide firewood for Navajo families ahead of winter

As winter approaches, volunteers with Chizh for Cheii are preparing to deliver firewood to elders on the Navajo Nation reservation, where nearly 90% of homes rely on wood for heat.... Read more»

Extended excessive heat brings warnings about heat-related illness, death

As wildfires burned in northern Arizona, health officials were warning Monday about the danger of excessive temperatures that were baking Phoenix and the southern half of the state.... Read more»

Southwestern heat wave sees temps hit 120 degrees

A blistering heat wave has swept across southwestern United States with temperatures hovering around 120 degrees. Southern California, Nevada and Arizona have seen record-breaking temperatures and hospitalizations due to the intense heat. Highs could reach 116 in Tucson through Sunday night.... Read more»

Weather Service warns of continued heat

Temperatures in Tucson are forecast to top 109 degrees again on Monday, and in a heat advisory, the Weather Service said thermometers could reach 114 in some areas.... Read more»

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