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Searing heat spotlights West’s long-term water woes

The effects of the drought have heightened concerns over the long-range availability of water as the nation’s two largest reservoirs - Lake Mead and Lake Powell - each have fallen to barely over a fourth of their capacity, threatening the future of water supplies.... Read more»

Pima County, Tucson open 'respite centers' for relief from daytime heat

Pima County opened a new heat respite center Monday, adding to the nearly three dozen local facilities providing a cool place for those who need to escape the triple-digit heat.... Read more»

As Pipeline Fire burns 20,000 acres north of Flagstaff, officials share safety tips

As warm and windy conditions Tuesday were pushing the Pipeline Fire north of Flagstaff and other wildfires are burning across the state, fire prevention experts shared tips on simple ways to contribute to fire safety.... Read more»

Forecast calls for drier, warmer Az winter to follow 'non-soon' summer

State and federal weather officials are predicting a warmer and drier than normal winter for Arizona, which would come on the heels of the driest monsoon ever recorded in the state.... Read more»

Excessive heat, high fuel loads in Arizona have experts predicting wildfires through fall

Fire experts say the high temperatures, combined with an increasing amount of brush drying up from the abnormally wet winter, the fire danger is high – particularly in southern Arizona, where the threat is above-average.... Read more»

Worker advocates burned up over lack of federal heat protections

OSHA has yet to establish a heat standard that would give employers specific requirements regarding water, rest breaks and shade. ... Read more»