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Census undercount threatens federal food and health programs on reservations

The 2020 census missed nearly 1 of every 17 Native Americans who live on reservations, an undercount that could lead to insufficient federal funding for essential health, nutrition, and social programs in remote communities with high poverty rates.... Read more»

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Navy reinforcements help Valleywise Health amid health care worker shortage

Seven members of the Navy – five nurses, a respiratory technician and a doctor – have joined Valleywise Health Medical Center to support overburdened frontline health care workers, per a request from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. ... Read more»

Prison healthcare 'lacks uniform standards'

A Supreme Court ruling that being deprived of “reasonably adequate medical care violates the Eighth Amendment’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment,” but with multiple agencies possessing authority over correctional health care, standards of care vary starkly across the U.S.... Read more»

Rising wages could not keep pace with rising prices in Arizona in 2021

Wages rose 5.3% in the Phoenix metro area last year - but prices rose almost twice as fast, with rising fuel and food prices eroding workers’ buying power - a situation mirrored across the U.S., where an average 5% increase in wages was outstripped by a 7% rise in the CPI. ... Read more»

Biden DOJ formally asks Supreme Court to block Texas abortion law

Arguing that Texas’ near-total ban on abortion defies the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, the Biden Justice Department on Monday urged the high court to lift an order that allowed enforcement of the law to continue. ... Read more»

'Somos asistentes, no sirvientes': Los empleos más solicitados expone fracasos del sistema educativo

Existe una escasez de asistentes de salud a domicilio, que en su gran mayoría son mujeres de color y inmigrantes, como es un trabajo agotador, con salarios bajos, a menudo sin beneficios, y con poco respeto aunque son claves para permitir que los adultos mayores permanezcan en casa, ... Read more»


Nurses are leaving the profession, and replacing them won’t be easy

The fourth wave of COVID-19 is exacerbating the ongoing crisis for the nursing workforce and has led to burnout for many nurses - as a result, many are quitting their jobs in large numbers all across the country, with 62% of hospitals reporting a nurse vacancy rate higher than 7.5%.... Read more»

House Democrats advance budget resolution, overcoming standoff on timing of infrastructure vote

Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday muscled through a $3.5 trillion budget framework, overcoming a standoff with a handful of centrists who had demanded the House first approve the bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passed by the Senate. ... Read more»

Federal speech rulings may embolden health care workers to call out safety issues

A federal appellate court ruling that hospital guidelines barring contact between employees and the media was illegal could force health care organizations to revise their policies barring workers from talking to the news media and posting on social media without written permission.... Read more»

Trump hammered at 2nd Circuit for shake-up of green card rules

The Trump administration’s rule preventing immigrants who receive any form of public assistance from obtaining green cards is “unmoored” from the intent of Congress, the Second Circuit ruled Tuesday. ... Read more»

'They’re scared': A look inside the COVID-19 crisis in Arizona prisons

As COVID-19 began to spread across the Southwest in March, lawyers representing incarcerated Arizonans reported “unsanitary conditions,” “inadequate medical staffing and treatment” and a “failure to take strong and sensible precautionary measures” in state prisons.... Read more»

GAO: Border officials spent migrant care funds on canines, ATVs, more

Customs and Border Protection officials spent funds that were supposed to go to medical care and migrant processing facilities to pay for computer upgrades, canine units, ATVs and other items instead, a new government report shows.... Read more»

Health care initiative resumes signature collection

Two months after it halted in-person signature gathering due to the coronavirus outbreak, a citizen initiative that aims to make sweeping changes to Arizona's health care system is renewing its efforts.... Read more»

CDC coronavirus testing decision likely to haunt nation for months to come

Distributed coronavirus tests are creating uneven health care results as rural and central U.S. health officials are better able to get a handle on the illnesses' spread than larger coastal cities.... Read more»

Court fines Az state prisons $1.44M for poor inmate health care

A federal appeals court upheld a contempt order and a $1.44 million fine against the Arizona Department of Corrections this week, saying the agency has been “deliberately indifferent” to health care for inmates. ... Read more»

Doctors, law enforcement to research concussions in domestic violence victims

Maricopa County prosecutors, Mesa police and health care leaders are teaming up to research the prevalence of concussions in domestic violence victims.... Read more»

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