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Dems, doctors react to Brnovich saying Arizona will enforce Civil War-era abortion ban

Democratic leaders and candidates along with doctors had strong words for Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, who said Wednesday that abortions are now outlawed in Arizona because a law that was first drafted during the Civil War is still on the books.... Read more»

Arizona providers, regulators can’t agree on abortion law after Supreme Court ruling

The Supreme Court decision Friday to eliminate a constitutional right to an abortion has “unleashed chaos” for abortion providers in Arizona, where there is little agreement on where the law stands now. ... Read more»

Doctors trying to prescribe abortion pills across state lines stymied by legislation

A wave of health care providers are getting licensed in multiple states so they can use telemedicine and mail-order pharmacies to help more women get medication abortions - but they’re increasingly being stymied by state regulations. ... Read more»

No time to party: With omicron surging in Arizona, officials stress masks, tests, COVID vaccines

Arizonans who have had COVID-19 shouldn’t count on immunity from the highly contagious Omicron variant - which continues to spread in the state - as demands on health care workers remain high and staffing remains a huge issue in emergency rooms.... Read more»

Supreme Court blocks federal mandate for private workers to vaccinate or test

The Supreme Court gutted the Biden administration's pandemic-response strategy Thursday in a split decision - granting a stay of the vaccine-or-test mandate from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration - that puts a vaccine-or-test mandate for large businesses on ice. ... Read more»

Senate paves way for vote that would let Democrats raise the debt ceiling

In a unique solution to avoid a default on the country’s debt, the Senate approved a bipartisan plan Thursday that would allow Democrats to raise the debt ceiling without any support from the GOP. ... Read more»

An inside look at a drive-through COVID vaccine center for health care workers

Hundreds of cars came and went at a steady pace on Dec. 31 through the multiple lanes set up at Chandler-Gilbert Community College. The state has been looking to speed up the rollout of the vaccine and get the 314,000 doses it has received so far into distribution.... Read more»

The enraging deja vu of a 3rd coronavirus wave

The best way to help our medical workers isn’t to stand at windows cheering or to give them thank-you water bottles. It’s to stay out of their ERs and ICUs by keeping ourselves and our neighbors safe.... Read more»

As COVID-19 spreads in the state, it also spreads inside prison walls

Three Arizona correctional facilities all have high ratings for lack of access to health care and advocacy groups in the state are concerned the situation will worsen during the COVID-19 pandemic.... Read more»

'It’s not over until it’s over': 5 things to know about hitting the CV-19 peak

Kaiser Health News spoke to several disease detectives about what reaching the peak level of cases means and under what conditions people can go back to work and school without fear of getting infected. Here’s what they said.... Read more»

Arizona third-worst in per capita health care workers amid pandemic

Arizona ranked 48 in health care workers per capita, slightly ahead of California and Nevada, according to a new report by Self Financial.... Read more»

As Arizona COVID-19 cases rise, so do hospital workers’ equipment worries

Arizona hospitals are rationing and ordering workers to reuse protective equipment like masks, gowns and eyewear in an attempt to head off shortages expected with the surge in COVID-19 patients in the state.... Read more»

Sweeping coronavirus-relief bill passes House

Quibbling over legislative language in an emergency relief package for Americans impacted by the coronavirus came to an end in the House of Representatives on Monday night, putting finalization of the multibillion-dollar aid deal squarely in the Senate’s court.... Read more»

Spinning premium rates

Both sides in the great Obamacare debate are distorting the facts about premium rates on the health exchanges to make their case for or against the law.... Read more»

Most doctors take industry perks, survey shows

About 84 percent of doctors in a nationwide survey reported having some type of relationship with the pharmaceutical and medical device industry in 2009, according to a study published in the latest Archives of Internal Medicine.... Read more»