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Lawsuit could end free preventive health checkups

A federal lawsuit heard in Texas could upend or even eliminate the preventive care requirement in the Affordable Care Act, as a group is arguing that the requirement is unconstitutional and some preventive health measures violate religious protections.... Read more»

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After 'a lot of doors shut in our face,' couple celebrates passage of burn pit bill

The campaign to ensure veterans receive health benefits for the damage done due to toxic substances inhaled from burn pits ended when President Biden signed the law guaranteeing the 3.5 million American warriors exposed to similar hazards can get care.... Read more»


The debt crisis that sick Americans can’t avoid

President Joe Biden’s campaign promise to cancel student debt on federal college loans - but little attention has been focused on what is a bigger debt crisis: An estimated 100 million people in the U.S., or 41% of all adults, have health care debt.... Read more»

How Medicare prescription drug coverage would change under U.S. Senate Democrats’ bill

A major spending bill from U.S. Senate Democrats would allow Medicare for the first time in its history to begin negotiating the prices of certain high-priced prescription drugs — a proposal that’s been around for years but has never come close to the finish line.... Read more»

Hospices have become big business for private equity firms, raising concerns about end-of-life care

More than two-thirds of hospices nationwide now operating as for-profit entities, and many hospice veterans are worried the demand for return on investment and the debt load hospices are forced to bear are hurting patients and their families.... Read more»

Health insurance price data: It’s out there, but It’s not for the faint of heart

Health insurers are complying with federal rules aimed at price transparency that took effect July 1 and posting negotiated rates for just about every type of medical service - but it could be weeks before tech firms put the data dump of enormous proportions into usable forms.... Read more»

In America, cancer patients endure debt on top of disease

Cancer kills about 600,000 people in the U.S. annually, making it a leading cause of death - and many more survive it, because of breakthroughs in medicines - but the high costs of modern-day care have left millions with a devastating financial burden.... Read more»

Preventive care may be free, but follow-up diagnostic tests can bring big bills

Under the Affordable Care Act, many preventive services are covered at no cost - but if a screening returns an abnormal result and more testing is needed, patients may be on the hook for hundreds or even thousands of dollars for diagnostic services.... Read more»

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Patients over profits: Arizona must act on medical billing reform

The No Surprises Act, passed in hopes of ending surprise medical bills, was hijacked by the healthcare insurance industry and filled with loopholes - and what was a bipartisan success story is now a national threat to patient care.... Read more»

Medicare surprise: Drug plan prices touted during open enrollment can rise within a month

As early as three weeks after Medicare’s drug plan enrollment period ends on Dec. 7, insurance plans can change what they charge for prescription drugs - and they can do it repeatedly, leaving recipients in the dark on their monthly out-of-pocket cost.... Read more»

New law targets surprise medical bills — what patients need to know

Patients are no longer required to pay for out-of-network care given without their consent when receiving treatment at hospitals covered by their health insurance - but the protections against surprise medical bills may be only as good as a patient’s knowledge.... Read more»

Many Medicaid recipients could lose coverage as pandemic ends

Most of the nation will rejoice when the Biden administration lifts the public health emergency that has been in force since March 2020 - but when that moment comes, it could put many millions of adults and children currently on Medicaid at risk of losing health care coverage.... Read more»

Seeking to shift costs to Medicare, more employers move retirees to Advantage plans

Over the past decade, an increasing number of employers have used the government’s Medicare Advantage program as an alternative to their existing retiree health plan and traditional Medicare coverage - yet details of these plans — and the costs to taxpayers — are largely hidden.... Read more»

La alta demanda de perros de servicio crea un mercado salvaje y a veces fraudulento

La demanda de perros de servicio se ha disparado, pero esta demanda ha abrumado a los entrenadores sin fines de lucro y ayudó a lanzar una industria de perros de servicio con fines de lucro con etiquetas de precios elevados.... Read more»

Demand for service dogs unleashes a 'Wild West' market

Demand for service dogs has exploded as they have proved adept at helping children and adults with an increasing range of disabilities, but this demand has overwhelmed nonprofit trainers and unmet needs have helped launch a for-profit service dog industry with hefty price tags.... Read more»

¿Por qué Medicare no paga por las pruebas caseras para COVID?

A partir del 15 de enero, las aseguradoras privadas cubrirán el costo de ocho pruebas rápidas de COVID en el hogar cada mes para sus miembros, pero los beneficiarios de Medicare enfrentan un obstáculo aún mayor: la nueva regla de la administración no se aplica a ellos.... Read more»

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