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Before the unwinding, more than 1 in 4 Americans — 93 million — were covered by Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and about 15 million people will be dropped over the next year as states review participants’ eligibility in monthly tranches.

More than 600,000 Americans have lost Medicaid coverage since pandemic protections ended on April 1, as states are deciding who stays and who goes - and the overwhelming majority of people who have lost coverage were dropped because of technicalities. Read more»

Republicans at a U.S. House hearing aired frustration with the Department of Justice this week for what they contended is a lack of enforcement of a Clinton-era law that protects access to reproductive health care at anti-abortion pregnancy centers and abortion clinics. Read more»

Boards set up outside the storefront of Drumbeat, a Native American goods store located in Phoenix, display missing people posters of Indigenous people from tribal nations across Arizona. Reva Stewart displays the missing person posters to help raise awareness.

Over the past year, unmarked vans cruising the streets of tribal nations to pick up Indigenous people - individuals claiming to be legitimate healthcare providers but who were instead allegedly billing Arizona’s Medicaid system for rehabilitation services that were never provided. Read more»

Medical marijuana sold at dispensaries is not FDA-approved. The agency hasn’t vouched for its safety or efficacy or determined the proper dosage. It doesn’t inspect the facilities where the goods are produced, and it doesn’t assess quality control.

Marijuana has grown more potent and dangerous as legalization has made it more widely available, and though marijuana-related medical emergencies have landed hundreds of thousands of people in the hospital, consumer protections are spotty and have failed to keep up. Read more»

La marihuana medicinal que se vende en los dispensarios no está aprobada por la FDA. La agencia no ha garantizado su seguridad o eficacia ni ha determinado la dosis adecuada. No inspecciona las instalaciones donde se producen los bienes y no evalúa el control de calidad.

La marihuana se ha vuelto más potente y peligrosa, y aunque las emergencias médicas relacionadas con la marihuana han llevado a cientos de miles de personas al hospital, las protecciones al consumidor son irregulares y no se han mantenido al día. Read more»

The bright purple March of Dimes Mom and Baby Unit provides health care to the uninsured, underinsured and people who are homeless in Tucson.

The March of Dimes Tucson-based Mom and Baby Mobile Unit, operated in partnership with the University of Arizona College of Medicine, is designed to address a problem that more 7 million women in the United States face – limited or no access to maternity care. Read more»

Pay for public sector jobs such as those in healthcare and education, as well as 'frontline' or 'essential' workers, need to improve if we’re going to prepare for future economic challenges.

The federal response to mass unemployment and business closures due to COVID-19 helped fast-track the recovery - but the lasting effects of the pandemic on the labor force and how well prepared policy makers are to handle a potential recession or another pandemic is unclear. Read more»

Though public opposition to approving over-the-counter use of Opill has been limited to a small group of conservative Christian anti-abortion groups, the anti-abortion voice has been loud when it comes to birth control access in the U.S.

Health experts unanimously voted for the FDA to immediately approve the contraceptive drug norgestrel - sold as Opill and approved by the FDA decades ago for prescription-only use - for over the counter sales, the first time a birth control pill would be available without a prescription. Read more»

The vast scope of the problem is feeding a multibillion-dollar patient financing business, with private equity and big banks looking to cash in when patients and their families can’t pay for care.

The Biden administration on Thursday cautioned Americans about the growing risks of medical credit cards and other loans for medical bills, warning in a new report that high interest rates can deepen patients’ debts and threaten their financial security. Read more»

La Universidad de Arizona está llevando a cabo un estudio sobre la meditación de la compasión, la cual se utiliza para tratar la ansiedad, la depresión y el sentimiento de aislamiento en sobrevivientes de cáncer de mama y sus parejas de apoyo.

La Universidad de Arizona utilizará una subvención de $1,7 millones para que las sobrevivientes de cáncer de mama y sus parejas practiquen la "meditación de la compasión", investigando si el programa puede aliviar su ansiedad, depresión y sensación de aislamiento. Read more»

The report also suggested that community health care facilities and programs place clinics in schools or have mobile health care options to allow for the families of those who take on undocumented children to get health care without having to take time off their jobs.

Since fiscal year 2012, more than 600,000 migrant children have crossed into the United States by themselves - but once children are released, the lack of health insurance and lack of knowledge about the American medical system makes accessing health care extremely difficult. Read more»

After three years in the pandemic, when they were prohibited from dropping people from Medicaid rolls, Arizona officials have started to review recipients and drop those who no longer qualify. But they said they are working to steer people to other coverage.

Arizona and other states are once again free to verify that Medicaid enrollees are still qualified and cancel coverage if they’re not, and as many as 15 million Americans, including 7 million children, could lose the health coverage they relied on through the pandemic. Read more»

El área metropolitana de Phoenix ha sido clasificada como la quinta ciudad más contaminada por el ozono en los Estados Unidos, según el informe más reciente del Estado del Aire de la Asociación Americana del Pulmón.

El área metropolitana de Phoenix es una de las ciudades más contaminadas con ozono en los EE. UU., y las personas de color se ven especialmente afectadas por la contaminación del aire y los problemas de salud que puede causar. Read more»

Melanie O’Rourke muestra el procesador de sonido del implante coclear fuera de la oreja que envía señales de sonido al receptor. El implante coclear omite las partes dañadas del oído interno para estimular el nervio auditivo.

El Senado de Arizona aprobó un proyecto de ley que reactivaría la cobertura de implantes cocleares para cualquier persona mayor de 21 años que tenga cobertura de servicios médicos y de salud bajo el Sistema de Contención de Costos de Atención Médica de Arizona. Read more»

First Place abrió un edificio residencial en 2018 para adultos con autismo y síndrome de Down o que son neurodivergentes como respuesta a la falta de vivienda para poblaciones neurodiversas.

Durante años, los adultos con autismo solo podían soñar con encontrar una vivienda que los ayudara a vivir de forma independiente en el Valle; ahora ese sueño se está convirtiendo en realidad con una mayor conciencia sobre las oportunidades y necesidades de vivienda. Read more»

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