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'These are people, too': Nonprofit helps ex-inmates get health care

The return to society after spending time behind bars is difficult, so organizations such as the Yavapai Reentry Project and Building Promise work to provide access to health care and resources to help with housing, job training, and health counseling.... Read more»

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Patients’ perilous months-long waiting for Medicaid coverage Is a sign of what’s to come

Staffing shortages in Medicaid agencies around the country come as states will soon need to review the eligibility of tens of millions of people enrolled in the program - a herculean effort that will kick off once the COVID-19 public health emergency declaration expires.... Read more»

Missouri tried to fix its doctor shortage — now the fix may need fixing

Arizona and several other states have adopted licensing for assistant physicians - medical school graduates who have not yet completed residency training - to help ease gaps in primary health care, but nurse practitioners and medical groups are urging changes.... Read more»

VA eyes major changes in health care system as veterans flock to the South, Southwest

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs on Monday began the years-long process of restructuring its nationwide health care network, an endeavor that will require the president and Congress to sign off before it could begin.... Read more»

Pandemic medical innovations leave people with disabilities behind

Telemedicine, teleworking, rapid tests, virtual school, and vaccine drive-thrus have become part of Americans’ routines as they enter Year 3 of life amid COVID-19. But as innovators have raced to make living in a pandemic world safer, some people with disabilities have been left behind.... Read more»

Republicans seek to criminalize and outlaw gender-affirming care for trans kids

A proposal from Sen. Wendy Rogers — who has a history of introducing anti-trans legislation — would send doctors who provide gender-affirming care to children under the age of 15 to prison for at least 17 years. ... Read more»

TucsonSentinel.com looks back at 2021

Tucson rang in 2021 much as we left the previous year, but with a few new twists: an attempted insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, in the grip of a pandemic that has become a political issue, more immigration and asylum issues, a growing climate crisis. ... Read more»

Roberts guiding the needle as GOP justices push to unravel Roe

In the most consequential abortion case to come across the high court’s docket in decades, Chief Justice John Roberts stood alone as he tried to convince his colleagues to chip away at the constitutional right to abortion without burning the whole thing to the ground. ... Read more»

Roe hanging by a thread after Supreme Court hears Mississippi abortion case

During oral arguments Wednesday in a landmark case on abortion, the Supreme Court's conservative majority seemed poised to uphold a 15-week ban on abortions in Mississippi while remaining opaque on if they will completely overturn a woman’s right to abortion. ... Read more»

Mississippi abortion ban tees up Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade

Anti-abortion groups will mount their best chance to overturn Roe v. Wade on Dec. 1 when the supermajority-conservative Supreme Court considers Mississippi's Gestational Age Act and the constitutionality of prohibiting elective abortions before a fetus is viable. ... Read more»

Arizona veterans struggle to get access to health care as backlogs grow. Can it be fixed?

Despite a massive budget dwarfed only by that of the Department of Defense, the Veterans Administration is facing health care delivery crises due to miles of red tape and an arcane bureaucracy that blocks veterans from receiving the care they deserve from their service.... Read more»

Unsafe housing jeopardizes success of community living for chronically mentally ill

In recent years, advocates have adopted the mantra “housing is health care,” saying that a place to live is one of the most important indicators of success for a person with serious mental illness - but for many, that means an unregulated, unlicensed board and care facility.... Read more»

“Este es el último pañal que me queda”: la ansiedad de ser padres en la pobreza

Ningún programa federal ayuda a los padres a pagar por los pañales para mantener a los bebés y niños pequeños limpios, secos y saludables, y para muchos padres, eso lleva a opciones desgarradoras: ¿pañales, comida o alquiler?... Read more»

Ohio-led coalition of states sues to stop change to family planning funding policy

Ohio’s attorney general, along with others including Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, filed suit Monday seeking to halt implementation of a Biden administration policy allowing family planning to clinics that make abortion referrals to again receive federal funds. ... Read more»


'Down to my last diaper': The anxiety of parenting in poverty

One in every three American families cannot afford enough diapers to keep their infants and toddlers clean, dry and healthy, according to the National Diaper Bank Network. For many parents, that leads to wrenching choices: diapers, food or rent?... Read more»

Yuma mayor says surging illegal migration is stressing local services

Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls told a Washington forum this week that the rise in illegal immigration is stressing health care and the nonprofits that help migrants in his town, and he’s worried the situation will only get worse. ... Read more»

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