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Could nonprofit health insurance plans be the real reformers?

Consumer Oriented and Operated Plans could be one of the sleepers in the health care reform law that truly transforms how care is financed and delivered in this country.... Read more»


White House spins women's health

Republicans are right: The White House is greatly exaggerating when it says that "women, in particular," benefit from a prevention fund that the House GOP proposes to repeal.... Read more»


Obama's cloudy contraception costs

Is the Obama administration correct when it claims its contraception mandate will be "cost neutral" for insurance companies? Checking the facts turns up conflicting evidence.... Read more»

Bill would bar Az salons from letting teens use tanning beds

Rep. Peggy Judd, a Republican from Willcox, has introduced a bill that would ban establishments from allowing those under 18 into tanning beds.... Read more»


Contraceptive coverage rule is a big win for students

Students need affordable contraception as much as other young adults do, and starting this August, they will have it with no cost-sharing, regardless of whether their university has a religious affiliation.... Read more»

Calculating a long-term care policy

The question of whether to get long-term care insurance bedevils consumers and their advisors. Premiums range from $1,000 to $5,000 a year, depending on the age, sex and health of the purchaser, as well as the extent of the coverage. And policy details can be confusing.... Read more»

Bishops vow to sue feds over contraception rule

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is promising a legal challenge to federal rules the Obama administration reaffirmed Friday requiring health insurers to provide women with a range of preventive health services, including birth control, without charging a co-payment, co-insurance or deductible.... Read more»1

Az seeks OK for new health-care plan

Medicaid as you know it in the state of Arizona is on the way out and a deeply cut version of the program could be in place within a matter of weeks.The state is negotiating with federal officials on a scaled-back program that state officials say is needed because of Arizona’s financial straits.... Read more»

Drug companies faulted for overmedicating in nursing homes

A number of drug companies have been accused of illegally promoting powerful antipsychotics off-label to doctors and pharmacies, including those that serve nursing home residents. ... Read more»

Researchers study how Gulf oil spill will affect human health

Medical researchers are this week meeting in New Orleans to discuss how the major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico will affect human health.... Read more»

HHS report shows increase in hospital-acquired infections

The Health and Human Services department's 2009 quality report to Congress found "very little progress" on eliminating hospital-acquired infections and called for "urgent attention" to address the shortcomings – first brought to light a decade ago.... Read more»

PR firm behind propaganda videos wins stimulus contract

A PR firm chosen to win consumer trust on medical records privacy was hip-deep in controversy a few years ago for producing a series of fake TV news stories that violated a federal ban on propaganda. ... Read more»

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