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More families eligible for free pre-K in Pima County after Supes increase income threshold

More Pima County families can enroll their children in free pre-K after the Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 to expand income eligibility levels for the Pima Early Education Program Scholarships, planning to spend $13.6 million through 2024 on covering more students. ... Read more»

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Biden names UA's Gabe Martinez to presidential Intellectual Disabilities Committee

President Joe Biden named the University of Arizona's Gabe Martinez as one of 21 members of the Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities. Martinez works with the UA Sonoran Center for Excellence in Disabilities. ... Read more»


Tucker Carlson misrepresents vaccine safety reporting data

Fox News host Tucker Carlson suggested to his viewers on May 6 that more than 3,000 people have died from the COVID-19 vaccines, but the claim is based on a misrepresentation of data collected by federal agencies that use it to identify potential safety issues with vaccines. ... Read more»

Biden moves to overturn Trump birth control rules

The Biden administration Wednesday formally proposed the repeal of Trump-era regulations barring abortion referrals and making other changes intended to evict Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers from the federal family planning program, Title X.... Read more»

Biden administration to suggest model 'red flag' gun laws for states

The Department of Justice will distribute model “red flag” legislation to states so they can enact laws that would allow courts to temporarily remove a firearm from an individual who is distressed, according to senior Biden administration officials. ... Read more»

Documents show Trump officials skirted rules to reward politically connected and untested firms with huge pandemic contracts

House Democrats investigating the COVID-19 response say Trump adviser Peter Navarro pressured agencies to award deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Navarro, who served as Trump’s deputy assistant and trade adviser, essentially verbally awarded a $96 million deal for respirators to a company with White House connections. Later, officials at the Federal Emergency Management Agency were pressured to sign the contract after the fact, according to correspondence obtained by congressional investigators.... Read more»

Biden to states: Make all adults eligible for COVID-19 vaccines by May 1

President Joe Biden is directing states to make all adults eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine by May 1, according to a White House memo ahead of his first prime time address Thursday evening. Biden’s COVID-19 advisers are projecting that enough Americans in priority groups will be able to access the vaccine by the end of April to allow for the lifting of restrictions on who can access the vaccine.... Read more»

Transgender Biden nominee draws tirade from Rand Paul at confirmation hearing

Pennsylvania’s former top health official faced a tirade at her confirmation hearing Thursday from Republican Sen. Rand Paul, an ophthalmologist, about gender-affirmation surgery for minors, as well as criticism about the state’s response to the pandemic. ... Read more»

Feds tell states to give COVID-19 vaccine to anyone 65 and older in bid to speed rollout

States are urged to expand the sites being used for vaccinations, and will see their allocation of doses change. The number of vaccine doses sent to states each week will no longer be based on population, but rather on the pace of vaccine administration and the number of residents 65 and older.... Read more»

COVID-19 vaccine trials having trouble recruiting Blacks, Latinos due to mistrust

Because of a long history of racism and unethical experimentation, people of color may be hesitant to participate in vaccine trials.... Read more»

‘If the police aren’t needed, let’s leave them out completely’

Well before protesters recently flooded the streets of America, demanding justice for the death of George Floyd and calling to defund or abolish police departments, several cities across the country had begun shifting resources and responsibilities away from law enforcement to professionals trained to handle emergency calls for nonviolent, crisis situations. ... Read more»

Experts fear COVID-19 pandemic will lead to more summer heat deaths

The heat could be even deadlier this summer, which experts predict will be warmer than normal, as people are spending more time at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic and have less access to libraries, shopping centers and other air conditioned public spaces.... Read more»

Trump administration uses wartime law to receive medical supplies before hospitals

The Trump administration quietly invoked the Defense Production Act to force medical suppliers in Texas and Colorado to sell to it first — ahead of states, hospitals or foreign countries.... Read more»

As suicide rates climb, 'Arizona model' leads nation in crisis care

Other states are starting to emulate what has become known as the “Arizona model” for crisis care, in which suicide hotlines, mobile crisis units and crisis facilities are electronically linked, creating a comprehensive system of services to address the first 24 hours of a person’s psychiatric emergency. ... Read more»

Vaccinations give migrants hope and health as they wait to enter the U.S.

American doctors, members of Congress and immigrant advocates have been pushing U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials to vaccinate migrants after several migrant children, including some diagnosed with the flu, have died while in U.S. custody. With CBP so far rejecting those requests, some organizations are working to get migrants the health care they need – on the Mexican side of the border.... Read more»

Administration official asks for Medicare billing review

The nation's top health information technology official has launched an internal review to determine if electronic health records are prompting some doctors and hospitals to overbill Medicare.... Read more»

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