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Arizona hate crimes hit their highest level since 9/11, and it’s likely an undercount

Hate crimes in Arizona in 2020 were the highest reported since 2001 in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, according to new FBI statistics, but advocates and experts say many more hate crimes mostly likely were unreported. ... Read more»

For Arizona Sikhs, a painful anniversary is a call for 'small acts of kindness' and love

At the memorial Wednesday, Catholics, Muslims, Christians and more gathered to remember Balbir Singh Sodhi, who was shot and killed four days after the horrific attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 by a man incensed by anti-immigrant sentiments and allegedly looking for revenge. ... Read more»

Pandemic unveils growing suicide crisis for communities of color

Interviews with a dozen suicide researchers, data collected from states across the country and a review of decades of research revealed that suicide is a growing crisis for communities of color — one that plagued them well before the pandemic and has only been exacerbated since.... Read more»

Candidate commentary

Schubert: Councilman Kozachik and Asian hate

"Steve Kozachik's knee-jerk association of Asian massage parlor workers with sex workers sexualizes and fetishizes Asians and is a product of patriarchal white supremacy and colonialism." — Ward 6 Council candidate Miranda Schubert... Read more»

‘Words matter’: Asian Americans frightened, frustrated by continued hate crimes

Atlanta police say it’s too early to say whether last week’s shooting rampage, which left six women of Asian descent dead, was a hate crime. But there’s no question that hate is on the rise for many Asian Americans, who are frightened but not surprised by such attacks. Reports of discrimination extend to the beginning of the pandemic, when the former president began mocking and vilifying Asians by describing COVID-19 as “kung flu” or “the China virus,” but they have worsened in 2021. ... Read more»

Two takes: Tucson mosque debates whether beer-can throwing was hate crime

Mosque officials have been working with the Tucson Police Department on the beer-can incident and the department has assigned a detective to the case, who is looking at it for now as an issue between neighbors. ... Read more»

Hate crimes involving anti-Semitism on the rise in Arizona

A woman woke up one morning and found the menorah adorning her yard had been twisted into a symbol of hate overnight — a swastika. Some might think this happened in Nazi Germany in the 1940s, but no. This particular act of hatred took place last December in Chandler.... Read more»

Victims in thousands of potential hate crimes never notify police

More than half of the people who said they were the victim of a hate crime in recent years did not report the incidents to police. When victims did report to the police, their assailants were arrested in just 10 percent of the cases.... Read more»

Hard to call it hate

Incidents show difficulty of hate crime cases

Since March, someone has repeatedly banged on the front door of Felix Bermea’s Gilbert home, set bushes on fire and written profanities on the kids’ furniture after breaking in. Police have been called to the neighborhood almost 60 time. But the problems continue.... Read more»1

Sikh: Facts about the faith

Sikhs have been targeted as victims of hate crimes since September 11, 2001. Here are some facts about the religion. ... Read more»