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Why face masks belong at your Thanksgiving gathering

COVID-19 has disrupted our daily lives, and it is poised to completely disrupt the holiday season. As people make holiday plans and think about ways to reduce the risks to their loved ones, a strategy is essential. ... Read more»

CDC: Masks, business limits helped curb spread of COVID-19 in Arizona

A CDC report Friday credited mask mandates and business restrictions for slowing the spread of COVID-19 in Arizona, reversing an early summer spike blamed on an early easing of restrictions.... Read more»

5 things to know about a COVID vaccine: It won’t be a 'magic wand'

Dozens of vaccine candidates are in various testing stages around the world, with 11 in the last stage of preapproval clinical trials — including four in the U.S. One or more may prove safe and effective and enter the market in the coming months. What then?... Read more»

Arizona passes COVID-19 milestone, as final county meets reopening mark

Arizona officials hailed a COVID-19 milestone Thursday, when the final county in the state crossed a coronavirus transmission threshold that lets some shuttered businesses begin the process of reopening.... Read more»

Navajo drives unite two goals: COVID-19 relief and upping Census participation

The Navajo Nation is getting creative in it's efforts to provide Covid-19 relief and supplies, while also urging members to participate in the US Census. ... Read more»

String of fatal poisonings from toxic hand sanitizer highlights limits of FDA powers

Toxicologists in New Mexico and Arizona caught wind of a disturbing trend in May. Adults had been hospitalized after drinking hand sanitizer made with methanol.... Read more»

Arizona making strides in fight to tame COVID-19

Arizona’s COVID-19 reproduction number — a measure of whether a disease is spreading or contracting, also called R0 — is the lowest in the nation, by one count, just eight weeks after the state was in headlines as a coronavirus hot spot.... Read more»

Is a parking lot a homeless shelter? Yes, according to City of Phoenix

During the COVID-19 pandemic, CDC guidelines recommend social distancing, hand washing and remaining at home whenever possible. But for most people experiencing homelessness, such recommendations are impossible to follow. ... Read more»1

Distilleries and breweries begin manufacturing hand sanitizer amid national shortages

Dozens of businesses across the country switched production from booze to sanitizer after two federal agencies relaxed manufacturing guidelines amid the Covid-19 outbreak.... Read more»