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Cyber experts were braced for Russian attacks before Biden’s warning

When President Joe Biden told business leaders recently that it was their “patriotic obligation” to protect their networks from likely Russian cyberattacks, security officials in Arizona agreed with a nod – and a shrug. ... Read more»

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Local governments are attractive targets for hackers and are ill-prepared

It is a costly fact of modern life that organizations from pipelines and shipping companies to hospitals - and local governments, like schools and hospitals - are vulnerable to cyberattacks, and the threat of cyberattacks from Russia and other nations makes a bad situation worse. ... Read more»

How common are ransomware attacks? Lawmakers want to find out

Despite the magnitude of the problems caused by ransomware attack, most states don’t have such statutory requirements, so they can’t always warn other agencies that might be hit or help bolster their defenses - but that’s starting to change.... Read more»

Russia-linked SolarWinds hackers still targeting global networks, Microsoft warns

Microsoft said it has observed new hacking activity from the Russia-backed group behind the massive cyberattacks that targeted SolarWinds software customers last year - this time going after technology service providers and “organizations integral to the global IT supply chain.”... Read more»

SolarWinds gov't hack hit Pima County servers

Secret "backdoors" that allowed hackers to spy on supposedly secure computer networks not only targeted U.S. government agencies and major corporations, but hit smaller targets such as Pima County networks.... Read more»

Maricopa official: Disinformation poses threat to election security

Officials need to be as concerned about voting disinformation as they are about people tampering with ballots themselves, a Maricopa County official said Wednesday during a forum on election security.... Read more»

Az expert tells panel Equifax breach could be worse than thought

A Senate committee Wednesday chastised the former head of Equifax for a data breach that exposed financial data of as many as 143 million Americans to hackers – a number that one Arizona expert said could be even higher.... Read more»

Arizona cyber experts warn that WannaCry outbreak just tip of iceberg

Arizona cybersecurity experts called the recent international cyberattacks known as “WannaCry” among the worst attacks they have seen, and they called it a warning about the country’s lack of cybersecurity preparation.... Read more»1

Banner Health data breach exposes info on 3.7 million

A hack of data held by Banner Health — the operator of the former University Medical Center in Tucson — has put information on about 3.7 million people at risk. The company is sending letters to patients, health plan members and beneficiaries, food and beverage customers and physicians and healthcare providers telling them of the data breach.... Read more»

55,000 federal workers in Az wait to see if personal data was taken

Arizona has more than 55,000 federal employees who could find out as early as Monday if they are among the 4 million federal workers and retirees whose personal information may have been compromised in a cyberattack.... Read more»

TPD: Scammers targeting Windows users

Tucson police are warning of a phone scam that targets users of the Microsoft Windows operating system, leaving victims out money and with potential security holes in their computers.... Read more»1

Hacking attempt draws congressional investigation of FEC

Two congressional leaders — one Republican and one Democrat — are calling for investigations into Federal Election Commission computer security and operational breakdowns that the Center for Public Integrity detailed in a recent report.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Consumer coping strategies for major data breaches

A conversation with Steve Herman, Voice of America Southeast Asia bureau chief. Also, Randy Sooter, Jr., owner of Old Pueblo Gymnastics Academy. Plus, Tom Collier, Buckmaster consumer affairs contributor.... Read more»

How Washington starves its election watchdog

Just after the federal government shut down Oct. 1, and one of the government’s more dysfunctional agencies stopped functioning altogether, Chinese hackers picked their moment to attack. They waylaid the Federal Election Commission’s networks. They crashed computer systems that publicly disclose how billions of dollars are raised and spent each election cycle by candidates, parties and political action committees.... Read more»

Comic: Spy vs. Spy


American's allies continue to flatter themselves that the United States cares what they think and say and do. They obviously don't watch Fox News.... Read more»

UA Law server breach exposes Social Security numbers, passwords

The personal data of former UA law students and applicants may have been compromised during a July incident. An "unauthorized intruder" may have accessed old class rosters and applicant lists stored on the same server as the College of Law's public website. Usernames and passwords for the College of Law intranet were also stored on the server.... Read more»

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