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Soldiers ride on a street in Miguel Aleman, a city in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, in 2010.

As Mexico plans to deploy federal forces to a border state to quell a rash of violence there, U.S. Rep. Filemon Vela says a U.S. endorsement will help the strategy succeed. But analysts have some serious concerns about the strategy. Vela says there's no perfect solution but that the status quo cannot stand. Read more»

A bridge to Mexico that is near the busy downtown Laredo shopping area is shown on Nov. 5, 2011.

Many residents of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, have reacted with silence to the death of a former mayor, who was allegedly kidnapped. It’s yet another signal that while violence has ebbed in the city, a climate of fear still exists. Read more»

Mario Ramírez Treviño is a high-ranking member in the Gulf Cartel.

Mexican authorities on Saturday captured Mario Ramirez Trevino, one of the country's most-wanted drug-gang leaders as head of the Gulf Cartel. Read more»

Miguel Treviño Morales, a capo of the Mexican criminal paramilitary group known as "Los Zetas Cartel" was recently arrested in Mexico.

Los Zetas, the notorious Mexican drug cartel, is known for committing some of the most brutal crimes in Latin America. The group originated in the 1990s when members of a Mexican special forces unit, assigned to combat the Gulf Cartel, defected to serve as enforcers for the Gulf Cartel’s criminal organization. Read more»

Thousands of soldiers have been deployed across Mexico to fight the powerful drug cartels.

The Mexican navy arrested 35 police officers on Monday for alleged links to the Zetas drug cartel. Read more»

The suspected leader of the Gulf Cartel, Mario Cardenas Guillen, or 'El Gordo,' was arrested in northeastern Mexico on Monday. Read more»

A newspaper in Nuevo Laredo announced Wednesday it would no longer cover “violent disputes” after a second grenade attack against its office in as many months. Other newspapers in northern Mexico have stopped publishing stories about the drug war to protect their journalists against threats. Read more»

Daniel Elizondo, a leader of the Zetas drug cartel in Mexico, was arrested in connection to the killings of 49 people whose decapitated and dismembered corpses were found dumped next to a highway last week. Read more»

Guards try to keep family members of prisoners away from the Apodaca prison gates following Monday's riot.

A Mexican prison riot in which 44 people were stabbed, strangled or beaten to death was a cover for the escape of 30 members of the Zetas drug cartel, blamed for some of Mexico's most brutal killings, investigators said. Read more»

A graphic breaks down Mexico's drug war by the numbers — the victims, the weapons, the drugs and who controls them — and offers new insight into the dangerous, multi-billion-dollar industry of the drug cartels. Read more» 2

Despite a crackdown involving the Mexican military and federal police, Los Zetas are expanding their reach in the country's drug war.

Many in Mexico’s federal police and army consider the Zetas to be the biggest problem in the drug war. They have launched a sustained campaign against them, resulting in hundreds of deaths and thousands of arrests in recent months, but despite the onslaught, the Zetas keep coming back. Read more»

A prediction that one of the most notorious cartels operating on the Texas-Mexico border could soon meet its demise was premature, according to a new report on Mexican cartels. Instead, its authors caution that daily bloodshed may continue unabated. Read more»


The killing of Jaime Zapata marks the most high-profile attack on American special agents working south of the border in decades. Read more»

A soldier guarding a checkpoint in Ciudad Mier stands in front of a sign riddled with bullet holes.

The Mexican city of Ciudad Mier is limping back to normalcy a month after residents were forced to abandon their homes amid threats by the notorious Los Zetas cartel. Read more»

Mexico's regional newspapers are failing to report many of the murders, attacks on police and other violence linked to the nation's war against drug cartels, a new analysis shows. Read more»