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2-year-old boy found alive next to his migrant mother’s dead body near Yuma

A Colombian man living in Florida is trying to reunite with his toddler son after his wife and daughter died in the desert west of Yuma, an ordeal that the two-year-old boy survived as the family crossed into the United States from Mexico.... Read more»


Rosenblum: Not a border 'crisis' — cruel needless tragedy

Across the world, people who fear for their lives or can’t feed their families spend their last savings in desperate flight. America’s “border crisis” is a small part of an inexorable human tide. Because of conflict, despotic regimes and climate collapse, it is rising by the year. ... Read more»

No More Deaths volunteers found guilty for water drops in protected wilderness

Four No More Deaths volunteers, charged with federal misdemeanors after they left water and food in a protected wilderness, have been found guilty. They face up to six months in prison and a fine of $500, and will be sentenced after Feb. 18... Read more»2

4 No More Deaths volunteers on trial for leaving water, food in wildlife refuge

The trial of four No More Deaths volunteers facing federal charges this week may have serious implications for the future of humanitarian aid for people crossing through Southern Arizona's deserts. ... Read more»