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Judge orders Biden administration to send Central American migrants to Mexico rather than their home countries

A federal judge in Louisiana on Wednesday temporarily blocked the Biden administration from increasing the number of deportations of some Central Americans back to their home countries and ordered the administration to instead send them to Mexico.... Read more»

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What did Greg Abbott’s border inspections turn up? Oil leaks, flat tires and zero drugs

Texas governor Greg Abbott ordered troopers to inspect every commercial truck coming from Mexico in an effort to stop illegal drugs and migrants - but troopers created a backlog and didn’t find any contraband as CBP already inspects commercial cargo.... Read more»

Examining nearly two decades of taxpayer-funded border operations

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry and his successor, Gov. Greg Abbott, have persuaded the Texas Legislature to spend billions of dollars on border security measures - but the way the governors have tracked success has fluctuated over the years.... Read more»

Texas gov. ends inspections that clogged U.S.-Mexico border crossings for more than a week

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ended state troopers' increased inspections of commercial vehicles at international bridges that gridlocked commercial traffic throughout the Texas-Mexico border - but the impacts on businesses and supply chains are not over.... Read more»

Top U.S. border official says busing migrants out of Texas complicates federal officials’ jobs

The top U.S. Customs and Border Protection official criticized Gov. Greg Abbott’s controversial new plan to bus migrants to Washington, D.C., saying he isn’t properly communicating with the federal agency or border communities.... Read more»

Texas Guard’s border mission needs additional $531 million to continue past this month, top general says

Texas Military Department leaders told the state Senate Border Security Committee they need more than half a billion dollars in state funds to continue Gov. Greg Abbott’s controversial border mission through the end of the fiscal year.... Read more»

Texas gov. says state will send migrants to Washington, D.C., on charter buses

As federal officials brace for an increase of thousands more migrants at at an already busy southern border, Gov. Greg Abbott said that Texas will provide charter buses so migrants can be sent to Washington, D.C., where the Biden administration can better deal with them.... Read more»

Texas’ border operation meant to deter cartels & smugglers often imprisons lone men for trespassing

Arrests of people accused of violence and drug trafficking have been the public focus of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's border crackdown - but trespassing cases represent the largest share of the operation’s arrests, with those arrested thrown into state prisons for weeks or months.... Read more»

Texas gov brags about his border initiative, but lacks evidence

Operation Lone Star as helped increase Texas' budget for border security to more than $3 billion through 2023 - but the state’s claims the program has disrupted drug and human smuggling have included crimes with no connection to the border and work conducted prior to the operation.... Read more»

Texas governor touts success of border crackdown

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott boasted Thursday about the amount of fentanyl seized and the number of undocumented immigrants arrested since a border crackdown a year ago - yet many immigrants have had cases dismissed and six National Guard soldiers have died during the deployment.... Read more»

To build governor’s border barrier, Texas will use surplus wall panels from feds

1,700 unused panels — declared surplus property by the federal government — have been shipped from California to help build Gov. Greg Abbott’s state-funded wall, after the Biden administration halted the construction of former President Donald Trump’s border wall.... Read more»

Deplorable conditions, unclear mission: Texas National Guard troops call border operation a disaster

Under pressure from his political right and facing increased illegal crossings, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott deployed thousands of National Guard troops to the border. The troops face deplorable conditions and "stare into nothing."... Read more»

How Exxon is using an unusual law to intimidate critics over its climate denial

ExxonMobil is attempting to use an unusual Texas law to target and intimidate its critics, claiming that lawsuits against the company over its long history of downplaying and denying the climate crisis violate the U.S. Constitution’s guarantees of free speech.... Read more»

Probe of Texas National Guard border mission demanded over suicide attempts, abysmal conditions and delayed pay

Thirteen Democratic Texas congressional delegation members called for an investigation into Operation Lone Star, Gov. Greg Abbott’s highly touted border mission, following news reports of poor working and living conditions for troops, habitual pay problems, and suspected suicides.... Read more»

Ducey touts border security, water & tax plans in final State of the State speech

Gov. Doug Ducey vowed to use state resources to increase border security, spend a billion dollars to treat and transport water from the Sea of Cortez, expand school choice and continue lowering taxes as he laid out a wide-ranging agenda for his last year in office. ... Read more»

Texas lawmakers deplore mistreatment of National Guardsmen sent to border duty

Reports that Texas National Guard soldiers deployed to Gov. Greg Abbott's highly touted border security mission are experiencing pay delays and poor working conditions — and that some have recently died by suicide — are drawing concern from Texas lawmakers. ... Read more»

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