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Time, tradition and trust: The Navajo Nation takes on climate change

The Navajo Nation is trying to restore the land using Indigenous knowledge and long-held traditions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address a climate that’s relentlessly heating up and drying out the planet.... Read more»

COP26 left the world with a climate to-do list: Here are 5 things to watch for in 2022

How much the world achieved at the Glasgow climate talks, and what happens now, depends in large part on where you live - here are five key elements to watch over the coming year as countries move forward on their promises.... Read more»

Trees are dying of thirst in the Western drought – here’s what’s going on inside their veins

During prolonged droughts and extreme heat waves like the Western U.S. is experiencing, even native trees that are accustomed to the local climate can start to die, and firefighters are closely watching areas with dead or dying trees as another extremely dry year heightens the fire risk.... Read more»

Study: Climate change will continue to scorch the Southwest

Temperature data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration compiled by Climate Central show summers in Arizona will only get hotter thanks to climate change. ... Read more»1


Santorum's science: Climate change

Rick Santorum calls global warming a "hoax." If he were a scientist, he would be in a small minority. He isn't the only climate change skeptic, but skeptics are rare among scientists who actually study the climate.... Read more»1

Bottom-up approach may break climate change logjam

Few expected the Cancun meeting of U.N. climate negotiators to conclude in a treaty for greenhouse gas reductions. Instead, the likely outcome may simply be a package of incremental though significant measures designed to make progress on key climate issues. ... Read more»

Center for Biological Diversity

Obama earns 'C' for environmental efforts

The Center for Biological Diversity awarded the Obama administration a C grade for its environmental record Tuesday. In its "Report Card," the Tucson-based environmental advocates found that the administration has a mixed record on protecting endangered species, climate, public lands and oceans.... Read more»