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U.S. to soften stance on high-ethanol gas, usually banned in summer months

President Joe Biden flew to Iowa on Tuesday to announce a new economic gambit in the face of 40-year inflation highs, saying the government will lift restrictions on a biofuel that will be cheaper than gasoline for Americans to buy at the fuel pump. ... Read more»

Countries set two-year deadline for international treaty on plastic pollution 'epidemic'

Representatives of 175 countries have agreed to work together to produce a global treaty to restrict plastics, as emissions from fossil-based plastics surpass air travel and the world’s waterways become inundated with plastic waste.... Read more»

Climate change fueling more intense megadroughts in U.S. West

Climate change is pushing the western United States and northern Mexico toward an extreme long-term drought that could be worse than any in recorded history, scientists revealed in a new study published in the journal Science Thursday. ... Read more»1

EPA hopes disclosure leads to greenhouse gas reductions

For the first time, the EPA on Wednesday unveiled data showing the amounts of greenhouse gases released in 2010 by the nation’s largest power plants, oil refineries and paper mills, among a handful of other industries.... Read more»

Az emissions program repealed in favor of milder federal rules

The Governor’s Regulatory Review Council voted Tuesday to repeal the state’s Clean Cars program, a set of tailpipe-emissions standards adopted in 2008, in favor of less-stringent federal regulations.... Read more»