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Hernandez: Congress should fund new Civilian Climate Corps

As Congress debates bold investments in conservation and infrastructure, they can tackle these challenges by replicating the successes of the Depression-era CCC to benefit a new generation. A well-funded Civilian Climate Corps will put young Arizonans to work serving their communities, boosting our economy and taking action to curb the climate crisis.... Read more»

52% of young adults now live at home – the highest rate in 80 years

More than half of young adults 18 to 29 now live at home – the highest rate since the end of the Great Depression 80 years ago – and researchers say many were motivated by the pandemic.... Read more»

418,000 jobless claims crater 10 years of new jobs in just five weeks

New jobless claims in Arizona over the past five weeks have wiped out two-thirds of the new jobs created in the state over 10 years, according to the latest numbers from the Arizona Department of Economic Security. ... Read more»

The way we were

Pima County has long history of helping those in need

Pima County has provided for the less fortunate in one way or another since its earliest days, more often than not in partnership with community groups.... Read more»

Unemployment rises to 8.2% in May

The unemployment rate rose in May to 8.2 percent, with employers only creating 69,000 jobs, the fewest in a year.... Read more»

Saguaro Nat'l Park to honor Civilian Conservation Corps

Saguaro National Park is hosting the 3rd Annual Civilian Conservation Corps Recognition Day this Saturday to honor the Corps' contributions to U.S. national parks.... Read more»

Market crash could signal recession

Stock market crashes are rarely happy events for human beings (except, of course, for short sellers who guessed right). But what's the impact of a sustained and steep market decline on the overall economy?... Read more»1